I Remember When

I had trouble taking a nap yesterday and my mind wandered off to my childhood and growing up. Life was so simple then, it’s a shame kids don’t know that kind of peace today. You knew your bully, they didn’t hide behind a computer. There was all the time in the world when you weren’t tied to a phone or computer. We built forts out of sheets on the clothesline, you played outside till dinner and believed in the boogie man after dark. Here are a few more observations. 

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Before computers, the Internet and cable

Before Cell phones

Yo Yo’s

Rotary dial phones

Slippery Slide

Television went to snow after the news went off

Black and White TV

Penny candy

10-cent soda in a bottle

Albums, 8 tracks, cassettes, and Cd’s

Television consoles


The game Operation

Most stores closed on Sunday

Station wagons

Before bottled water

You knew your neighbors

Front entry garages

Getting mouth washed out with soap

Taking a mat to school for nap time

Halloween was safe

Jump rope

Jungle gyms

Playing Red Rover

Report Cards

Sunday road trips

Push-button car radio, with maybe 5 channels

When the first Honda came to America

Hula Hoop

Wiggle Worm


Before animals were dressed like people

Just a few observations on this quiet afternoon. 

I’m only 58 years old and it’s amazing to look at how far technology has come and how it’s shaped our world. For the good and the bad. 



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