I’m a bit under the weather so no Today in History but I wanted to send some sunshine so here’s a photo of my Wandering Purple Jew Ivy. It loves this hot weather and is thriving.


I hope you’ve had a great day and weekend. Be back tomorrow with Blogger Highlight.



  1. Very pretty flower – I never even knew there was a “Wandering Purple Jew Ivy” flower (seems a bit weird to call it a ‘Jew’ flower).

    I’m sorry you’re feeling poorly, Mel. I hope you’re feeling back to baseline soon xxxx

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      1. Hi, I’m just going by what my mom has told me. But upon a Google search, I found these images:
        The purpleish one is on the left and then the one my mom refers to as Wandering Jew is the more striped green one towards the bottom of the page. But now that I’m looking, they may all fall under the WJ umbrella? Oh, this is a good source 🙂https://www.epicgardening.com/wandering-jew-plant/

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