Don’t Miss Amazon Prime Days 12-13th

It’s time to gear up for Amazon Prime days, two days of the greatest discounts Amazon has to offer. You will find deals up to 75% off on a huge selection of products. When money is tight the thrifty get shopping for deals.

Photo by Jack Sparrow on

You can only get these deals if you’re a Prime member but the membership fee will pay for itself if you buy just a few items during Prime. We’ve been Amazon Prime members for years and I can tell you that what we save in free shipping more than pays for our membership many times over.

We also have an Amazon credit card that pays you back, I think it’s 3% on purchases. So we get free two-day shipping and cash back. We buy more at Amazon than anywhere, it’s too convenient.

Another good idea is to go do your wishlist shopping today and put on the wishlist function to save you time during the sale. Amazon brands will play heavily in the sale, some great low prices on electronics.

Set your alarm.



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