Most Men Don’t Care About Or Do These Things

The thought for this post came as I was starting my laundry and folding his. We normally do our own laundry. Mostly because I’m picky and stopped doing his when so sick with Lyme. This post is my own personal experience, it’s not fact. I did run most by my husband and he agreed. He’s a part of the group this post is talking about.

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Care if the clothes are equally separated in the washing machine.

Wash their whites and colored clothes together.

Spend five minutes making sure there are no stains on their clothes.

Clean the dryer vent every time.

Care if all their clothes are folded precisely.

Care if their socks match toe to heal.

Take the drain rim out and clean it down in the disposal.

Know or care about how fruits and veggies need to be kept in different compartments.

Care if all like clothes are folded in the same direction.

Throw their clothes on the floor at night when going to bed.

What are your thoughts?



  1. My David cleans the dryer vent/ lint trap regularly – probably because he used to work on appliances. But he also washes ALL his clothes together on Sunday. I have an intricate system which starts with my socks and very dirty things on Monday and ends with towels then my underwear last. I would never wash underwear with socks. That’s probably my most compulsive behavior – that and my system for checking the stove before I leave the house.

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