Book Review for Degloved: Every Scar has a Story 

 I want to say a special thank you to Laura Sebright, Marketing & Ecommerce Executive at Trigger Publishing for sending this very interesting book for review.

About the Author

On October 18th 2014, Adelaide was in a bike crash that would change her life. She went through the driver’s side window of a car that pulled in front of her, suffering injuries that almost killed her – and emotional trauma that would continue for years to come. In addition to facing the physical injuries and PTSD, Adelaide worried about how the crash would affect her ability to cope with her bipolar II. After an arduous recovery, she returned to riding, eventually qualifying to become a professional triathlete. She is an advocate for cyclists’ safety and strives to help others who have suffered life-threatening crashes. Adelaide lives with her husband Kennett and their dog Maybellene. 


When the red Fiat pulled out in front of Adelaide, she squeezed her bike’s brakes so hard that she left 50 feet of skid marks along the highway. The last thing she remembers is being lifted into the ambulance and someone saying, “Her face is peeled off.”

She spent five days in a medically-induced coma, during which surgeons picked glass from her face, reconstructed bones and inserted a stomach tube. She spent another six days unable to talk, at times gasping for air, enduring leech treatments to keep her necrotizing lip alive, and fearing a crippling bipolar episode. Without knowing what neurological damage or permanent disfigurement she’d be left with, her boyfriend Kennett proposed to Adelaide daily in the hospital, until she became conscious. But her recovery would extend far beyond the hospital and the visible physical injuries. 

DEGLOVED is about perseverance as well as failure, written to give hope to those living with mental illness, and anyone who has had a traumatic event thrust upon them, which threatened to destroy their lives.

My Thoughts

Where do you go after an accident almost cost took your life? For Adelaide, it’s moving forward slowly with an eye on recovery and sharing her story to help others. Not only was she in a coma, but also had reconstructive surgery, leech treatments, and fears that her Bipolar Disorder will pop its ugly head.

When you suffer from a traumatic injury it can cause PTSD and slow the recovery process. It can be more complicated if you have a mental illness, like Bipolar Disorder. For me, stress is a huge trigger for my Bipolar Disorder and it’s something I have to keep an eye on. It can throw me into depression very quickly.

Degloved is a book of tragedy and triumph with great lessons to learn about life after unsurmountable odds. Adelaide is a strong person and her perseverance against the odds gave her life back. She’s also a walking example of what our body can do when it comes back from hell.

Adelaide pushes herself thru unimaginable odds to go on to not only compete again but is now a professional Triathlete.

This book is for anyone who has been involved in a traumatic event or knows someone that has. The book is great for caregivers.

I recommend the book hands down. It’s a great read and a very inspiring story.

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