Review of Vital Field Weight Loss Frequencell

I’m so appreciative of Communications Director Nassia Bitha at Vitalfield for sending me the Weight Loss Frequencell and all the others she’s sent over the years. 

About Vital Field

Our mission is to help people achieve good health and a pain-free life with safe, natural, non-invasive and non-chemical methods. Frequencell Inc. (a Delaware corporation based out of Los Angeles, USA) provides treatments for health and chronic pain, based on the results of over 30 years of scientific research, development and clinical trials.

This post contains affiliate links that don’t cost you moe to use and help fund my coffee habit. 


Weight Loss Cell

The Weight Loss Cell supports your energetic point of view, getting rid of excess weight. Its specific frequencies stimulate the metabolism and fat burning, as well as reduce the feeling of hunger. The 528 Hertz frequency, the so-called Love frequency, is also included in the device: this frequency has incredible proven potential and supports self-love and self-acceptance.

Important note:

The Weight Loss Cell is designed to work complementary to your existing weight loss regime by creating an environment that maximizes the results of your efforts.


I put my Frequencell on my front lower right rib as instructed on Saturday, June 11th. I have been on my journey now for two months and in the last week have had problems getting below 12-13 pounds down. Monday the 13th, I broke the barrier down to 14 pounds. 

If you have sensitive skin like I do you may want to look for a tape for sensitive skin. I did feel some discomfort after 12 hours of wearing the tape provided by Vital Field. 

It’s now July 28th and I’ve now lost 18 pounds. That is a pretty good clip for someone who is not exercising or on a diet. I’ve cut out snaking except for Jello, cut my meals in half, and still eat two pieces of chocolate a day. 

I believe it’s the combination effect that has helped me pass the 14-pound barrier. 

The Frequencell works differently for everyone and not all will see results but the research has shown excellent results. 

You can check out the Vital Fileds site to see the complete collection of Frequencells with detailed information on each. 

Here’s the review on Vital Fields Pollen Frequencell. Which worked beyond belief. 

Pollen Fredquencell

Use discount code LIGHT20 for 20% off any Vital Field product.

Check out the website for information on the research and results behind each Frequencell and about the company. 


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