Vital Field’s Balance FrequenCell Helps Your Peace Of Mind & Stop Addictions

Vital Field has introduced a Balance FreqenCell to help you find peace of mind and overcome addictions. 

What if there was a genuine way to shackle that one secret gremlin that takes a toll on your life?

Introducing the Balance FrequenCell – the perfect accompaniment to a mindset that has already decided to change but lacks an energetic kick in the proverbial butt to complete the mission.

The Balance Cell leverages an energetic cocktail of neurotransmitters and Amazonian herbs to help the brain regulate unnecessary peaks and troughs in GABA, dopamine, and oxytocin. By only working with subtle fields, we don’t mess with the chemicals but manage to nudge the energetic system towards more balance.  

Tested over two years in labs and users in Europe, we are confident today that at least 80 percent of users will experience a significant benefit in balancing their life better. 

Commitment, the will to change, and discipline must come first thought. It’s never easy, which is why the Balance Cell may give the friendly support we sometimes need to reach the next level… of balance.

Just stopping one addiction with hardcore discipline doesn’t usually work, as the body tends to find another replacement addiction. Addictions are a multispectral menu, from the chemical variety (e.g., alcohol, drugs, painkillers, food) to the gadget (e.g., cellphone, computer, video console), mental (e.g., negative emotions), and behavioral variety (e.g., excess exercise, or no exercise at all) – but for the energetic mind-body they all represent the escape from the present. 

The Balance Cell is a tool to help you journey back to the center, the place where you can stay still, present, calm, and energized. 


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