CBD Awareness Month

This is a great awareness month because so many have been helped by using forms of CBD. After trying many CBD products, I will say not each work the same for everyone. I’ve read great reviews from Bloggers only to not have the brand do anything for me. It isn’t a try one, solve all problems type of product.

You have to try several products or many products like I have to find what works best for me. It’s worth the effort once you find a brand/brands that work for you.

What Is National CBD Day?

As the name might suggest, this is a huge shout-out to everything around this glorious cannabinoid. Over time, this day will also involve the other cannabinoids and terpenes as one combined day, in recognition of the amazing results people have seen.

The day has largely been spent with sufferers of epilepsy talking about their life-changing moments involving their transition from their traditional medication towards CBD oil. It should however be highlighted that these cases are around medical CBD rather than the products you can buy in the UK, with the levels of THC normally much higher than you can legally purchase here.

The day has now been adopted by a huge number of brands who will discuss their new product launches in 2022, as well as any amazing schemes they’re working on and upcoming events.

An estimated 80% of parents believe that CBD and marijuana are the same things. But the truth is, CBD and traditional cannabis are very different. While providing similar health benefits, CBD does not contain nearly as much THC as traditional cannabis, meaning it generally will not induce psychoactive effects. Additionally, CBD is legal in almost every part of the country, while cannabis remains illegal in most states.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about CBD. But the day of August 8th, otherwise known as National CBD day, is raising awareness of what CBD really is, and changing common perceptions about it.

National CBD Day may be less widely celebrated than other canna-holidays, but for those who do choose to celebrate it, it is no less beloved. Here are a few common questions about National CBD Day, answered (and some ways to celebrate).




National CBD Day 2022



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