Book Review for Amie’s Party by Iain Lauchlan

I want to give a special thanks to Andrea Marchiano at Cherish Editions for sending the book Amie’s Party by Iain Lauchian for review. 

Publication date: 04/08/2022
ISBN: 9781913615642 32 pages

About the Author 

Iain has been an actor and TV presenter. After graduating from art college has been a producer for more than 40 years. 

About the Illustrator

Nik Afia has appeared in many TV dramas, before being the artist on Teletubbies. He went on to character designs and has also presented a number of production well-loved children’s programs. Iain also created Playschool, Fingermouse, and Playdays. 


It’s another peaceful day in the village for the Mood Bears – until Happy Bear spots a yellow cloud on the horizon and knows someone needs her help. The cloud takes Happy Bear to Amie, who feels lonely and sad after moving to a new flat far away from her friends. She has no one to celebrate her birthday with her, either. So, Happy Bear throws a party for Amie’s big day and invites some very special guests to remind her that she is never alone.

Amie’s Party is a sensitively written and beautifully illustrated children’s book, designed to help children deal with change and feelings of loneliness.

My Thoughts

This is an excellent Children’s book. I love how they dig deep into the emotions and provide a dialog to help children work thru their emotions. 

I am so happy to see children’s books that are focused on children’s mental health. Children can learn at a very young age about emotions. This knowledge will help them thru every stage in life.

The Mood Bears are ingenious and in Amie’s case, Happy Bear comes to her rescue in a big way as she’s feeling lonely and friendless after moving. 

The book discusses emotions like loneliness and how to deal with change. Amie’s Party is the perfect book for parents, grandparents, and teachers alike. I believe if we start teaching our children about emotions at a young age it will build a foundation for them to build on as they age. 

The book is beautifully illustrated and kids will instantly relate to the story. 

Cherish Editions

Cherish Editions is the self-publishing division of the TriggerHub group, the world’s leading platform for books that encourage mental health recovery and wellbeing.

We are experienced in creating and selling positive, responsible, important and inspirational books, which work to de-stigmatise the issues around mental health, as well as helping people who read them to maintain and improve their mental health and wellbeing. By choosing to publish through Cherish Editions, you will get the expertise of the dedicated TriggerHub Team at every step of the process.


Looking for the Light


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