I’m Afraid of Stairs, Fall Once and You will too.

In December 2018 I was home alone and walking down the stairs with both hands full. I don’t know what happened but I took a nasty fall halfway down the stairs. Landing with all my body weight on my head and neck. I was so afraid that if I moved I would be paralyzed, you can’t imagine the fear. I had no choice but to slowly get up and call 911. 

I was rushed to the hospital after they gave me some pain medication and wrapped my wrist. The fall caused some good road rash on my face, sore muscles, and a shattered wrist which required surgery and a plate implanted. 

What made me think of that fall is what happened today. I was walking up the stairs and not paying attention or holding the rail. Taking my shirt off as I approached the top and lost my balance and slammed into the wall. 

I know I’m having problems with dizziness but it’s hard to be on guard 24/7. I will make more effort to always hold the rail, that’s been my mission since my horrible fall but I get lax sometimes. 

The fall was caused by me being very sick and going down the stairs with my hands loaded instead of on the rail. 

Take care of yourself and go slow if you are prone to dizziness and be aware of trying to take too much downstairs a one time. 



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