I’m very aware of the pain that migraines cause, they also disrupt your life. During the 90s I suffered from a migraine almost daily and took medication and injections. My career was taking off and I was in outside sales, calling on high-level executives of major corporations. I loved my job but my life changed when I started getting migraines. This went on for two years, two years of rushing home in between appointments to give an injection. While it took effect, I rested and made phone calls when I could.

You can read the whole story here. My story had a happy ending when the doctor discovered a bone in my nose was causing them. I got very lucky.

Every year, the United Kingdom observes Migraine Awareness Week in the first week of September. This year, it will be observed from September 5 to 14. Migraines are mistakenly understood as severe headaches, but they are so much more than that. Migraines are actually a debilitating neurological disease. Even though migraines are a common headache disorder, they remain poorly understood and neglected. Many people go their entire lives without proper diagnosis and treatment. With care and treatment, migraines can become more manageable. Apart from inheriting the condition, some people can also get migraines through specific triggers. Interestingly, one can develop migraine at any stage in their life.


Migraines are a chronic neurological disorder that affects over a billion people across the world. Migraine symptoms include long-lasting headaches, characterized by severe, throbbing, or pulsating pain on one side of the head. The headache is often accompanied by light or sound sensitivity, nausea, or vomiting. Even though the symptoms can be very uncomfortable and impact the overall quality of life, people remain ignorant of the condition. Migraine is one of the top ten leading causes of years lived with disability worldwide. Around the world, the prevalence of migraine is approximately 10% of the entire population. More than half the patients who complain of severe and regular headaches, turn out to be migraines.

While migraines don’t have a definitive cause, certain factors can trigger the condition. These triggers include stress, irregular sleep schedules, caffeine or alcohol consumption, dietary triggers such as chocolate, cheese, and dairy products, hormone fluctuations, and more. That’s a long list!

The condition significantly impacts the individual’s personal, professional and social life. Migraines come without a warning and can be crippling. This is the main reason for an urgent need to diagnose and treat migraines correctly. It also helps patients to identify their migraine triggers and avoid these triggers as best as they can. There is also the need for more effective, personalized migraine treatment. Medical practitioners should also take into account the patient’s comorbidities, frequency and severity of attacks, and more. As you can see, patients and healthcare workers need to be more vigilant of migrant attacks and their treatments.

Be sure to talk with your doctor if you are having any type of headache on a regular basis.




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