Very Inspiring Blogger Award From Alygeorges

Many new bloggers might not be familiar with the habit of giving people awards for different accomplishments. I participated in awards for ages. When I reached 100 awards I had to take them down, they were crowding out my blog. It was fun to get an award occasionally but to get several awards in one week is too much. Below is one of my awards from 2015 from a devoted follower, Alygoeres. 

If you are interested, do some searches to find blogging awards.

A Bit About Alygoeres

I’m a free spirit, unbounded by any rules… but I do believe in RESPECTING ALL. I’ve been through so much in life, and I have reason to believe that there are many more people out there who have sailed in the same boat as I. It’s for that profound reason that I decided to share my experiences on this site, so I can motivate someone; help them understand that there’s so much to live than just resigning oneself to misery…

I wrote a post in June 2014, about my mother leaving me at the county hospital at eight years old. I reposted the above for your viewing. Alygoeres replied quickly with supportive words and prayers. We formed a strong bond immediately. You’ll find her site motivating. Alygoeres has provided constant support from the beginning of my Lyme Disease journey.

Moving to the requirements of the blog, here are Seven Facts About Me.

Seven Facts About Me:

My brother shot me in the leg with his new BB Gun when I was 10 years old

I have to take every car for a ride to see how fast it will go

Fascinated by the Mafia, particularly Russian.

I love Horses, one time rode a horse thru a Jack in the Box. They freaked, what were horses doing in the city?

I went to Daytona Bike Week. Looking at all the bike paint jobs, motors, and fat tires, the sound was like a dream. I enjoyed riding the Harley on the beach.

I love music yet can’t carry a tune or play an instrument. I made an effort with lessons in Clarinet, Piano, and Guitar.

I’m an Ordained Minister

I’m blessed to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award twice from Alygeorges. Lyme Disease has me in a stranglehold. She keeps me in her prayers and is a great support person.  I hope you will spend time on Alygeorges site,  Please stop by her site, you will find her enlightening.

I will complete the nomination process at a later date.

XO Warrior

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