Can You Spot Depression? Do You Know How To Talk To Someone In A Crisis?

When talking with family and friends, can you pick up on their comments about potential red flags or how to have a conversation about depression to learn more?

I’ve suffered from depression since childhood. The statements belove are some comments that need to grab your attention to ask more questions. It can be simple like how are you doing? or what can I do to help? The helping is often in the asking, asking provides some affirmation that they are noticed. 

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Here’s a list of warning signs to listen for

Nobody cares about me.

All I do is sleep.

I feel like I’m carrying the world on my shoulders. 

Nothing matters.

Ghosting everyone.

They or their house looks more untidy than normal.

Cuts on their hands or arm (could be expressing her feelings by cutting herself. This is a delicate case.) 

Loses or gains weight very quickly. ( could be medication side effects which are very frustrating.)

Won’t look you in the eye.

Lack of enthusiasm.

How are you managing?

Find Your Words has a great post that covers the topic of identifying depression and how to get the conversation going. 

Everyone is different and so is their communication style. The main thing is doing something to help. Let them talk and you find a time to gently probe. 

These are some questions

How are you?

What can I do for you?

Have you seen your doctor?

Are you planning on hurting yourself?

Are you under a lot of stress at work? What’s going on?

What action can I take right now?

Who can I call? 

How are you feeling?

Do you want to go for a walk or get a coffee?

What’s going on?

These are just a small number of questions. I hope this will help you, a family member, or a friend. To get the best help from your inner circle is to let them know what are some of the comments you make, or other things you do to show your depression. This gives them the opportunity to know when you need support. 

Depression is a complex disorder and anyone can be depressed sometime in their life. If your depression is ongoing, make an appointment with your Psychiatrist. You need the assistance of a doctor who has the right skills to help you. 



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