This is my daughter, Giffy, she’s a Brussels Griffon we got from a shelter. She’s feisty and needs lots of activity to keep her from getting grumpy. Two walks a day help keep her happy.
 She’s a beautiful dog and is fun when she’s in the mood. This morning, she woke me up at 5:30 am because she knows not to bother my husband until 6:00 am. 

Do you have a pet that you love?




    1. She’s a case for sure. I love cats but my husband is highly allergic so no more cats. Cats are more carefree and easier to take care of unless they have long hair. I am so glad you recused Oscar, there are so many animals in the shelters. Have a great day.

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      1. Thank you! We would always make sure any new additions came from shelters 🙂 my fiance is also allergic to cats but he takes antihistamines – he grew up with cats and he’s not highly allergic, so he doesn’t mind! Hope you have a lovely day too.

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