Introducing Vital Field’s Kuau Freguencell

When I read about the new Kuau Freqencell, I had to try it! Thanks to Communications Director. Nassia Bitha for being so easy to work with. It’s been two years since I wrote my first Vital Field review, and we have a great relationship.

The Kuau Cell has been developed for everyone interested in improving their quality of life and revealing their highest potential.

This post contains affiliate links, they don’t cost you more and it funds my coffee habit. 

About Vital Field

The cumulative expert knowledge and the science of using precisely targeted frequencies for health management and pain management are now, for the first time in history, available to end-users worldwide. Vitalfield applications don’t replace or compete with traditional medicine or conventional treatment methods. They are intended to provide an alternative treatment to pain and health, when conventional methods fail to provide significant results on their own. With zero negative side effects reported and over 80% reported satisfaction from customers, we are confident in offering a full money-back guarantee if our product does not work for you.

Since Vitalfield products are safe, natural, non-invasive and non-chemical, it’s worthwhile to see if our product can reduce your pain and improve your life.

About the Frequencell

Kuau Cell is a special Energy Cell. In it, the energy of a shamanic ritual, ancient herbal knowledge, and energized water all merge together. The unusual ingredients from the digitized version of the medicinal cactus ritual are a key factor. This ritual’s purpose is rooted in deep cleansing and reconnecting with Mother Earth. The high alkaloid cactus extract used is not psychoactive, but acts as a cell activator.

So far

I started wearing mine on 9/22/22 and have seen an increase in energy and clarity. I plan to wear it longer to get the full effect and will keep you up to date. My heritage includes American Indian so this ritual-based Frequencell grabbed my attention. 

Today is the 25th and I’ve only taken one nap, that’s a huge improvement over every day. I woke up at 4:00 am today and have not had a nap. I worked in the garden, deadheaded my roses, and deadheaded several other plants in the backyard. I even put fertilizer in the Hibiscus plant and thinned indoor flowers.

Check out the review for the Energy FrenquenCell here

You can find more information on all Frequencells here

Use discount code LIGHT20 for 20% off any Vital Field product.

To your health,


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