October Writing Prompts Hosted By A Chronic Voice

Every month Sheryl at A Chronic Voice host the writing prompts for those with Chronic Illnesses. Sheryl has been very ill herself and not able to do the prompts in a couple of months. We’re so glad she’s getting better.

The prompts for the month






I’ve chosen three this month, Committing, Communications, and Disabling.

Honestly, I’m not committing to much but myself. I can barely walk, stand up, get up from chair or walk up the stairs. I can only sleep for around 1-2 hours on one hip and 1-3 hours on the other. I feel 70 years old, feeling bad because I make noise in pain when I do any of these moves.  I also remember granny never expressed her pain. Not even after failing two stories and cruishing both heels and anckles.

I need a break from doctors until next years just to give me a reprieve and not worry about the process of taking me anywhere. 

Over-communication is what I’m working on. It’s a fine balance between sharing and over-sharing. He’s been telling me for two weeks I needed my cane. OH NO!!!!!! Not the cane. It is associated to the time I was so sick, could hardly move around without the wheeled walker. I admitted yesterday that I would try and this morning forgot to go in my office to get it. Now that I’m working downstairs, who wants to get up and feel pain then walk up the stairs moving with a guttural voice from the pain. Not me. 

These are times relationships can get hard, one thinks they know the other is thinking and it’s not that at all. 


My husband keeps telling me to get out my cane. I’m a fall risk and know it, but in the scenario when I fall or out of balance the cane would only get in my way. It was around 2019 when I put my cane away and will not use it in the house, yet. Outside, I’ve been using a hiking stick but will go back to my cane for outings. 

I no longer drive or own a car, I’m closed in 99% of the time, and I feel more disabled than I ever. 

Have a great month!


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