Things I’m Loving

Here are a few products I’m in love with right now. I hope you find a new product to add to your household or self-care routine. The list may also give you ideas for a surprise for friends, family, or co-workers.


Nature Valley Wafer Bars

Nature Vally Wafer Bars in Peanut Butter Chocolate taste out of this world and have made my weight loss journey easier. My husband also eats them every day, no weight loss journey, they’re that good. They have multiple flavors and at 100 calories per bar, it makes a great breakfast or snack. Your children will love these too!

You can purchase it at Kroger.

Ohio Tea Company

Ohio Tea Company, wow this is a true tea place. If you want it, chances are they will have it in stock. Teas I had not heard of and have bought a few small packs of exotics just to taste. The flavor I’m in love with is the Monks Blend. It’s the perfect drink anytime tea, I’m drinking right now. One page on their site says they have over 400 teas in stock, surely you can find a few blends for you. Makes great gifts!

You can purchase it online at

Bach Rescue Pastilles

Bach Rescue Pastilles in Lemon are homeopathic and trusted generations. They have been a lifesaver since my diagnosis of Sjogren’s Syndrome, I have difficulty making saliva and my mouth is always dry. These help to produce saliva and taste great. They are soft round pastilles that come in a yellow round tin and contain 35 pastilles in each tin.

You can purchase it off Amazon.

Stonefire Flat Bread

The flatbreads have made my weight loss journey easy and when you are cramped for the time they’re the perfect match. We create all types of flatbreads for dinner with all types of goodies on them but I also eat them for lunch or dinner. Each flatbread is 100 calories which works for me, I often add peanut butter or honey to one and that fills me up.

You can purchase it at Kroger.

I would like to hear what products you have added to your life lately that you love? Leave me a note in the comment section below.



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