I Just Had The Most Painful Spa Bath Today

I have been struggling with hip, back, and knee pain, and it drives me crazy how it moves around my body throughout the day. I have bursitis in both hips and arthritis in my lower back. I’ve been dealing with severe pain, and now it hurts to walk, I’ve coped by going to bed. It’s frustrating to leave everything behind. I may have to stay in bed for two days before the pain moves down the scale. 

Photo by Marek Kupiec on Pexels.com

Fed up with lying in bed, I decided to take a hot Dead Sea Salt bath with essential oil. I haven’t had to think about how to get in the bathtub before. My first attempt had me on both knees, very painful and I was too weak to pull myself up. I finally got out and thought about how to get in, what the hell, I just jumped in.

The reason for writing this post is so people without a chronic illness will think about the difficulty people with chronic pain or illnesses have with simple things.

I would love to hear what you do to relieve chronic pain.


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