Remembering Veterans Day

I can’t thank military members and their families enough for the daily sacrifices they make large and small. The military has not only kept America safe and strong, but they’ve also taken those skills to the workplace and beyond.


My gramps joined the Army in 1939 and was a proud military man but most would not know because he didn’t talk about it. He was stationed at the Panama Canal right after the war broke out to ensure our shipping channels were protected and shipped out to Germany when fighting escalated. I have every metal, his funeral flag, and all types of photos, even a few holiday menus. I’m so proud of my gramps for his commitment and bravery. Those trenches must have been hell.


Served in WWII

He would talk to me at length about the actual work that he did but not the battlefield and I’m fine with that, it must be traumatic for any soldier.

Toby Kieth sings one of my favorite patriotic songs of our time, American Soldier. This video may give you tears, if you’re a Veteran of any age you will want to see what a great job he does of sending our message.


God Bless America


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