Blogger Highlight-The Rebel Chic

Thank you for all the great feedback on the Blogger Highlight series, I’ve enjoyed meeting each blogger and sharing their site with you. This week we highlight a new blogger, The Rebel Chic.

The Rebel Chic

Live life. Take pictures. Drink good tea.

 Hi! My name is Cristina. I’m in my 30’s and currently working part time in the health sector in Bergen Norway. I grew up in the Philippines and moved to Norway when I was 19 years old. During my free time, I would go out and explore nature in the nearby areas alone or with friends and spend time with family. I’ve always dreamed of conquering each and every mountains of Norway and take photos of the fjords and fill my memory jar with life experiences and teachings. At the same time share my struggles in life and how I cope with them so that I could also in a small way help those who are on the same boat as me.

Check out her fun-filled adventures. 


Looking for the Light



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