The Chronius Health APP Is All You Need To Manage Your Chronic Illness

There are a number of health apps out there but they don’t cover all of your health needs. Chronius Health is an all-encompassing app that guides you thru your health journey. The app was born out of frustration and a desire for a more manageable patient experience. 

About the Founder

At age 25, our founder Danielle was thriving, working a dream job as an economic policy advisor at the White House. She was thriving except for one small thing — nagging fatigue and joint pain. She assumed it was due to her long work hours, but it just wouldn’t go away — that fatigue she felt in her bones. 

Danielle never stopped being her own advocate, and, armed with medical journal articles, she identified the cause of her new symptoms, requested new testing, and ended up with two new inflammatory disease diagnoses — all it turns out, stemming from her initial autoimmune disease. 

The breaking point came when Danielle ended up in the ICU for a second time. While lying in her hospital bed she wished for someone who could guide her through this health journey. Someone who could organize her data, who could help her find the right doctor, who could explain the complicated medical terms, and who could light the pathway for the next steps in her diagnosis and disease management process. With millions of others facing similar diagnoses, she knew she couldn’t be alone in her desire for an easier patient experience. From that hospital bed, the idea for Chronius was born. 

About Chronius

Chronius empowers patients with chronic conditions to take charge of their care by automating health data collection and organization, streamlining appointment preparation, and providing a map for each patient’s care journey. Having a chronic illness is hard enough, and by building a platform for patients, by patients, Danielle hopes that every patient — whether they are facing an uncertain diagnosis, or trying to find a treatment that works, or just need help managing the “full time job” of being chronically ill — will get the support and relief they deserve.

Being a patient doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

Chronius Services

  • Integrated 360 integrated health history
  • Syptomtom & medication tracking and insight
  • 1-click appointment preparation
  • Personalized  care journey maps
  • One on one Care guides
  • Vetted medical context and education

Free Tools

  • Get instant access to 130 free videos to guide your POTS exercise program
  • Free tools and resources for caregivers. Because you deserve support on your caregiving journey
The Chronius Health App is in beta-testing by chronic illness patients like you. They are set to go live in three months, set your calendar. Check out the website to see more information. 



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