The DEA Is Coming After Your Medication Next

I had an Orville moment while talking to my pharmacist last week. One of the medications I take is on long-term backorder, WTF? No surprise, the DEA is now going after Mental Illness patients. They failed at curbing deaths from street drugs, let’s see how they can mismanage this focus project.

My pharmacist said the DEA went to manufacturers last year and ask them to cut or curb the production of my much-needed and addictive medication. Pharmacies don’t have a product their clients need and have a legal prescription for, but the DEA which has no medical background is coming in and cherry-picking drugs, then overriding the doctors and leaving patients without medication.

I’m scrambling now for an alternative. I’ve taken this drug for at least 20 years and need it to get out of bed. The DEA has hit the stimulant group first, it’s bad enough I can’t get the drug but think about parents who can’t get the medication for their kids. There’s a huge group who take stimulant drugs for ADD/ADHD. 

I don’t know if the Truepill case is where it started from, no clue. Because of their unlawful practices, many will be left high and dry. I wholeheartedly believe unethical doctors like this will need to get the harsher sentence possible for the harm they’ve done. 

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DEA Serves Order to Show Cause on Truepill Pharmacy for its Involvement in the Unlawful Dispensing of Prescription Stimulants 

WASHINGTON — Today, DEA served an Order to Show Cause on Truepill, a retail pharmacy that is alleged to have wrongfully filled thousands of prescriptions for stimulants used in the treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Truepill was the pharmacy for telehealth companies, including Cerebral, that marketed ADHD treatments, including Adderall ® and its generic forms, directly to consumers using Internet advertisements and social media. Cerebral arranged for patients to receive prescriptions for ADHD treatments through a telehealth visit, and for Truepill to fill those prescriptions.

 “DEA will relentlessly pursue companies and pharmacies that seek to profit from unlawfully dispensing powerful and addictive controlled substances at the expense of the safety and health of the American people,” said DEA Administrator Anne Milgram. “The men and women of the DEA remain committed to ensuring that every American can access essential medicines when they are lawfully prescribed and dispensed.”

According to the Order to Show Cause, between September 2020 and September 2022, Truepill filled more than 72,000 controlled substance prescriptions, 60 percent of which were for stimulants, including generic forms of Adderall®. In numerous instances, Truepill dispensed controlled substances pursuant to prescriptions that were not issued for a legitimate medical purpose in the usual course of professional practice. An investigation into Truepill’s operations revealed that the pharmacy filled prescriptions that were: unlawful by exceeding the 90-day supply limits; and/or written by prescribers who did not possess the proper state licensing.

An Order to Show Cause is an administrative action to determine whether a DEA Certificate of Registration should be revoked. Until a determination is made, this action does not affect a registrant’s ability to handle or distribute a controlled substance.

If you take a medication that is addictive or has to stay in safe at the pharmacy, your drug may be next. I see them going after stimulant drugs, sleep drugs, and Xanax. I’m pulling this out of thin air, I don’t have any data from the DEA other than this article. This is my best guess. I hope I’m wrong because I take all of those types of drugs too. 



  1. SMH Who The H*** does the DEA think they are? They are targeting the Disabled and No One can do anything about it. I’ve already had to change the Medication I take for my Tourettes Disorder because my Neuro is afraid it will be targeted next since Clonazapam is a controlled substance, I voluntarily lowered the dosage of my low dose pain meds that I take for my Rheumatoid Arthritis as I dont need it every day.
    Whats Next?

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    1. I would suggest getting a script for the larger amount, then should your doctor fire you, you have enough pils to go thru a mini withdrawal. I’ve been fired and he only gave two weeks of meds which is a huge withdrawal risks. The DEA is hitting doctors from all sides. Thanks for commenting.


      1. I get my pain meds from my Primary Care Dr. and I only get a new script every few months, like I said, I don’t need them very often, More in the winter than in the summer. Also I am very low income and have to pay for my pain meds out of pocket, also my stomach cant tolerate the higher dosage of my pain meds so thats another reason I stepped down on them,.

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  2. Living in the UK, I wasn’t sure what the DEA was, but I have Googled it, so I can understand better what you are saying. What an awful predicament to be in, Melinda, and I’m so sorry you are caught in the middle of it all with your own much-needed and legitimate drugs. It must be terrifying for you. I know I would be scared stiff if my medication was no longer available. I take Diazepam (Valium), which I believe is similar to Xanax, as my sister is on that, too, in Australia. I also take a sleeping tablet called Zopiclone (not sure if you have that where you are, or perhaps, something similar) as well as a whole heap-load of other psychiatric medication. It’s just totally appalling that the DEA are doing this. I hope your doctor can help. Are there any other drugs you could take that would work in a similar way? I know what it’s like to be on these drugs for more than twenty years – they become a lifeline to enable you to simply function. I do hope you and your doctor can find a way out of this awful issue. Good luck with it all. Feel free to contact me if it would help. You can reach me on my Contact Me page on my blog. Take good care of yourself. Xx 💓

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    1. What gets me the most is the DEA coming in and telling manufactures to slow down to stop production. They should not have that power, they’re not even medical doctors. I take 12 medications, I’m treatment resistant Bipolar Disorder. Which means many drug don’t work on me. I take Xanax and I wouldn’t be surprided if it’s on their list next. I am 90% on the depressive side of Bipolar do lots of stimults are requuired to get me stable. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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