Deep Thoughts

In this fast-paced social media world, it can be difficult to find the time to look within or back in time. I hope you find these quotes and questions interesting. So glad you stopped by today!

What is your personal strategy for being happy?



  1. I don’t think I have one. I just work hard, study hard, manage my health, and in between all that I find these moments where I’m happy. Whether they be long (like my cruise) or short, like a night out with my friend… but these moments are when I truly feel at peace. Maybe one day it’ll change and I feel happy in everything I do, but I feel like that might be a long while.

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    1. I understand, you’re coming from a differant place than me. I’m thrilled you’re getting out of the house with your friends. I’m from a trauma background and I’m not sure your ever there. Speaking for me! Life is great but I’m not happy. I’m working out what I’m going to do about it. 🙂


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