The Annual Check-Ups Men Need

Men, are you avoiding the doctor? It’s time to get on board with taking care of yourself. Let’s get familiar with what men need to stay healthy.

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Many people didn’t see the doctor unless critical, and most annual appointments were pushed back. I  want to focus on men in this post.

The Difference Between Checkups and Screenings

Medical checkups and screenings are two different things.

  • Checkups are visits to evaluate your health. Physicals and well checks are other names for checkups. During a checkup, a doctor will examine your body and talk with you about your health. You’ll go over symptoms you have, medications you take, and your lifestyle habits, such as exercise and eating.
  • Screenings are medical tests that can find diseases or conditions before you have symptoms. Screenings include blood pressure measurements, blood tests, and colonoscopies. Your doctor can provide some types of screenings in the office. Others are only available at a specialty clinic or hospital.

Common Screenings and Checkups

The checkups and screening tests men need, and when they need them, depending on their age, health, and personal risk factors for certain conditions.

Physical Exam / Well Check

Prostate Cancer Screening

STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Screening

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Diabetes Test


Bone Density Test

Hearing and Vision Screening

Oral Health Checkup

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

Key Takeaways 

  • Stay healthy with regular health checkups and screening tests.
  • Discover diseases and conditions early so you have the best chance of treating them successfully.
  • Visit a primary care doctor regularly for your entire life even if you’re feeling well. Let Healthgrades help you find a doctor in your area.
  • Ask your doctor about other additional screenings and follow-up appointments based on your screening results and medical history.

Take care of yourself, a healthier life is a happy life.



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