Book Review Befriending My Brain by James Lindsay

I want to give a special thanks to Andrea Marchiano, Editor from Trigger Publishing for sending Befriending Your Brian to read and review. 


March 2, 2023


Like many of us, James Lindsay is no stranger to stress and anxiety. But in his case, leaving those struggles untreated led to a full psychotic episode that hospitalised him for the better part of a month. With the help of medication and therapy, he has now overcome this dark period and is currently living a much happier life.

But his story doesn’t end there. Now, he wants to help others avoid the same fate by sharing his experience, including the red flags he recognises in hindsight and the path he charted to recovery. No matter where you are on your own journey, James’ story will resonate and remind you, as he puts it, that “recovery is always possible, and hope is never far away.”

My Thoughts

Great Quote from the book

“Looking back now, it is clear that my breakdown built up over time as my anxiety increased, but psychosis still gut-punched me hard to finish me off.”

James was plagued with anxiety from a young age but had little knowledge of Mental Illness, let alone Psychosis. He was bullied throughout his school years, and as James got older, his anxiety grew.  There were many days he didn’t want to attend class because they called him names, and it was troubling for him. He couldn’t just shake it off. 

Shortly before the breakup with his girlfriend of two years, James started to unravel. He starts talking to friends but is not making sense and they became worried. His behavior became more erratic, began hearing voices telling him what to do and Psychosis started. Which lead to more erratic behavior and he was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having Acute Psychosis. James stayed in the Psychiatric Hospital for four weeks. 

To this point, you can see how his anxiety grew, and having treatment earlier would have helped. 

After several medication changes, James is on his way forward. He found a part-time job, and ran a 10K run which was something he did in the past. Doing more helped his confidence grow and help him look forward to life. James not only jumped back into the hobbies he loved but went way out of his comfort zone with other activities. He made friends and started to have a full life helped by CBT.

 I love that James includes a list of Apps that provide Mental Health support, a list of what not to say to someone experiencing Mental Illness, a list of Mental Health podcast,s and books to read about Mental Illness. I can certainly relate to the list as I was diagnosed with Bipolar, Anxiety, and PTSD at age 19.

I’ve shared more about the book than usual because it’s important to see that seeking help is the answer to moving forward. 

I’m so happy to say James found love again and is married and loving life. Jame’s book is really for anyone with Anxiety, depression, psychosis, and schizophrenia. It’s packed with great examples of the struggles he’s been thru and sticking with treatment, being honest with doctor and taking your medication is the way forward. 

Befriending My Brain is a must-buy.

Looking back now, it is clear that my breakdown built up over a long time as my anxiety increased, but psychosis still gut-punched me hard to finish me off.

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