Wordless Wednesday *Lady Bug

I’m so happy you dropped by today, I appreciate your comments.



    1. It’s amazing how good the photos from my old camera are. I bought a really good camera and haven’t used it yet. Kinda like many things in my life. Have a great day. What is your traffic like on FB? I’m not really active anymore and have only 13-14 followers, from the group mainly. I’m thinking of closing my accounts. I only go there twice a week and it’s just notifications from the groups I’m in. I’m active on Friday Link-Up at Fibro Connect but that’s thru Lee’s site. I’m not doing anything to grow my account. What are your thoughts? 🙂

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      1. I’ve been taking another break these last couple of weeks. We’re getting new windows and we’ve had a quite a few appointments with different companies, so everything blogging took a back seat. I don’t have a lot of traffic on FB anyway. I think with Facebook’s algorithms not many people are seeing my posts. BUT I like having my FB page and feel like if I can just get and stay consistent, perhaps I can build up traffic. I have to admit that Social Media is my weakness; I’m not very creative when it comes to graphics, etc…. I think you should do what works for YOU. I know you’ve been thinking about closing your account now for a little while, but you could just leave it as it is in case you decide to do something with it later. I hope you have a great weekend! Sending hugs!

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