Blogger Highlight-Stony Soil Vermont

Thank you for all the great feedback on the Blogger Highlight series, I’ve enjoyed meeting each blogger and sharing their site with you. This week we highlight a new blogger, Stony Soil Vermont.

Stony Soil Vermont

I live with my two daughters in Hardwick, Vermont, a small village along the Lamoille River.

Single motherhood and writing define the shape of my life.

Unstitched: Understanding Opioid Addiction and Repairing Our Communities twines my quest to understand addiction in Vermont, the country, and in my own life (Steerforth Press, 2021).

Hidden View is a gritty story woven with family, farming, and the desire for redemption (Green Writers Press, 2015).

Other things I love: are our two housecats, spring ephemerals, reading on the back porch, public libraries, and Yahtzee.


Looking for the Light

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