How To Get Free Or Near Free Prescriptions

Many prescriptions in America are out of people’s reach without health insurance. There are a couple of easy ways to cut your prescription cost. I know we are blessed to have medicine to help heal so many.

I am NOT for a Socialist Government or government-provided insurance. If you’ve heard all the negative stories about the UK and Canadian medical systems. As one of my UK friends says, “Their medical support is rubbish”. No doubt there are countries that handle free insurance and the program goes well. I just haven’t heard anyone’s praise.

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If you don’t have medical insurance, there are two ways to save money. The easiest way is to go to the app GoodRX on your phone. Download the app and it will give you prices for your drug. Take your phone to the pharmacist and they will honor the low price. All drugs aren’t covered but it’s worth checking.

When your doctor prescribes a recently released medicine chances are it’s for a name brand drug and is makes sense new medications cost more for about 10 years to recalaim their investment. One thing to remember, some medications take 10-15 years to develop which keeps the cost high. The date The FDA gives each manufacturer a time frame of inclusivity. When that date passes, a generic can be made.

The best way to get financial relief for brand drugs is to go to the manufacturer’s site and look at the top usually says something like Savings Plan. Click and it will take you to the instructions and what you need to fill out. The page will tell you what they’ll pay and for how long. I’ve gone this route once when I had a drug that cost $7500 dollars a month. I had a zero co-pay for so long and it was a relief even with insurance. It’s a very easy process.

Print the Savings Card and keep it with you in case the pharmacist misplaces it. There are many prescription savings apps, and I’ve heard the name GoodRX the most. Shop around, a dollar saved is a dollar saved.

A bit of advice, be honest with your doctor about your stretched finances and ask if they have a generic version of the drug and if they have some starter packs? Pharmaceutical companies will often send representatives to doctors’ offices and will leave some free samples behind. If your trying to sign up for a Savings Plan, this gives you time to get everything in place, and may be able to use Savings Plan for the first month.

Many countries have access to these savings by using an app for your country. 


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