Yogurt, a Cupcake, and a Heating Pad

After blowing a gasket to my husband about my health frustrations last night, I took my Xanax and went to bed early. This morning I’m feeling better, even went to the portal and erased the message to my doctor.

Since my appointment was an emergency and they worked me in I had to see a different doctor. Do that once and you may love your regular doctor more. The doctor did not share some basic 101 tips that would have helped me leave with a crumb. When I found it on the Internet, I got angry.

I’ve been headed toward a wall with my health for the past year and yesterday I hit it hard. Thank goodness my husband understands my health challenges, how to put the pieces again, and knows a cupcake goes a long way.

I cut most sweets from my diet a year ago as my weight loss journey began but today I added a large cupcake to lunch. The heating pad will feel so much better now!

Stay strong, get angry, get it out of your system, cry, or scream to release the anger, then take a step forward.

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com


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