I’ve been diagnosed with a NEW Chronic Illness

I took a minute in the portal for my doctor to see what was new with the practice and discovered I have Stage 3 of 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. I had whiplash and then wrote my doctor. Yes, it’s true. She has told me several times after lab work that my Kidney Function was down but never netted it out. She never said you have Chronic Kidney Disease.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I know this disease intimately because my gramps died from it. He developed Chronic Kidney Disease from years of uncontrolled high blood pressure. This will sound crazy to some but Chronic Kidney Disease is the most peaceful way to die. How bad is falling asleep for two days, then meeting your maker.

It was really four days, two days he was very alert when people came to visit but did tire easily. One the third day we could tell he was going into a coma and said our final goodbyes. He died peacefully, with no pain at the end of the fourth day.

One point*

The doctor gave my gramps a month to live but it was really two weeks. The older you are, he was 92, the time frame may be much less. Talk to the Hospice Nurse and she can give you a better idea.

This was a shock. I went to bed for the afternoon to process everything. Today will be fine because he brought a cupcake home. They always get my mind off my diet and problems.




  1. hello fellow Bloggers
    This article is an important reminder of the importance of clear communication between doctors and patients. It’s unfortunate that the author had to discover their Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease in this manner, but it’s a great lesson for all of us to be more proactive in our own healthcare. Thank you for sharing your personal experience and shedding light on this issue.
    Thanks – PomKing http://www.pomeranianpuppies.uk


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