Three Years Ago! Survivors Blog Here Was Born

The night Survivors Blog Here was born, Army of Angels, Hyperion, and myself brainstormed late into the night. We asked ourselves, what are readers looking for and what can we offer them? How do we make it inviting and show our commitment to helping people move forward? At that moment, we knew Survivors Blog Here’s mission.

We’re a collaborative of writers with a common goal to support men and women while working thru pain and taking steps forward to healing. Our contributors have diverse backgrounds, personalities, and age, which makes for interesting reading.

People with pain from Mental Illness, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Men’s and Women’s Sexual Assault, have to keep moving forward to understand the pain. Each step brings you closer to overcoming the next challenges and transitioning from victim or patient to Survivor.

Survivors Blog Here’s foundation is the Contributors who share their struggles to help others. Our followers are the brick and mortar of our blog. Our readers are expressive, loyal, and continue to push us forward. Thank you for following, leaving comments, making Survivors Blog Here a brighter place.

Army of Angels send’s her love and will return soon. To highlight the celebration of our third year anniversary, We want to shine a light on our Contributors and Readers who expresses joy, care, empathy, and love for one another. You surprise me, make me laugh, I grow from you. Thank You.  You can find your favorite Contributors at Survivors Blog Here and their personal Blogs below.


A Patients Voice                         www.apaitentsvoice@wordpress.com

Hypervigilant                             http://hypervigilant.org

Livin with Paralysis                 www.livinwithparalysis@wordpress.com

Robert M Goldstein                  www.robertmgoldstein@wordpress.com

Sedge808                                      www.sedge808@wordpress.com

Survivors Road                          www.survivorsroad@wordpress.com

Surviving the Spector                                               www.survivingthespector@wordpress.com

Army of Angels                          www.armyofangels@wordpress.com

Hyperian                                      www.returnofthedragons@wordpress.com

Looking for the Light Blog      www.lookingforthelightblog@wordpress.com


Browse around, meet your neighbors, grab a comfy chair, and enjoy the refreshments.

For your musical entertainment and a good laugh, this is for you.  M



Sincerely, X Episode-7 Mood Changer


Change.org 2017 Progress and Victories

Hi Melinda –Did you know that over 200 million people from around the world use the Change.org platform to support the issues they care about? Everyday, we see evidence that people-power really works.

On average —

  • 50 campaigns win in a month in the US
  • 1 campaign reaches victory every 2 hours around the world
  • 5.7 million signatures per week come from people around the world
Want to read more about the stories behind these kinds of statistics? Check out this video to see how people are making change in their communities.
Watch the video

Like you, we believe everyone should have a voice, not just the powerful. Through your membership, we can turn that belief into a reality. We can’t thank you enough for your generous monthly contribution.

Your friend,
Jason B.
Change.org Membership Team


In Music We Trust Supports Mind Charity

Aiden Hatfield started In Music We Trust to shine a light on Mental Health by creating a music centered clothing line and donating 50% of profits to Mind Charity. He’s the first person I met on Twitter, is from across the pond and quite funny.

“We’re a music based clothing brand that helps those with depression and other mental health issues by donating 50% of our profits to the ‘Mind’ charity.”  Visit http://www.inmusicwetrust.com to see the awesome tee’s for sale. Follow Aiden on Twitter @inmwtclothing  or @aidenhatfield.   M

Mind Charity

Mind’s 2016-21 strategy is called ‘Building on change’.

It’s the next stage in our journey towards our ultimate ambition of support and respect for everyone with a mental health problem.

On reflection

Since launching our previous strategy in 2012 we’ve seen some significant changes in mental health. In just four years, public attitudes are improving, support is growing and mental health is high on the political agenda.

Because of Mind, millions more people have access to advice and support thanks to our information and services nationally and locally, in England and Wales.  We’re building on change, but we know there is much more to do.

People need Mind more than ever

Too many people still don’t have the things they need and deserve to stay well. And, that’s not good enough.



Triple Shot Thursday *It Takes All Kind Of People*

Sending love, support and prayers to survivors of the hurricanes, we haven’t and will not forget you. Keep believing in the human spirit. Life brings us major challenges which you are now facing. The sunlight of a new day may take time, it will come.  M


California’s Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Signed into Law

Overjoyed at the success of California passing the first Sexual Assault Bill of Rights in 2016. Why not a NATIONAL LAW? Men and women sexual assault survivors deserve protection across America.  M

Amanda Nguyen and her organization Rise, starting a Change.org petition. Her passion and dedication helped protect 25 million sexual assault survivors. 


Victory — On October 7, 2016, President Obama signed the first ever Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights into law. Championed by Amanda Nguyen and her organization Rise, this important legislation will help give civil rights and protections to more than 25 million sexual assault survivors.

5 months before signing the law, Medium.com ran the campaign below during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The video is a  provocative look at how hospitals judge and disrespect some Sexual Assault Survivors.     

Five Ways You Can Support Survivors During Sexual Assault Awareness Month Five Ways You Can Support Survivors During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

  1. By A.J. Walton and Joshunda Sanders Eighteen-year-old Grace Watkins didn’t think she’d be subjected to further pain and humiliation soon after she was raped by a…

Nurse Arrested & Physically Abused for Doing Job

This story is important to everyone. Freedom was taken away from Nurse by Police Officer who violently abused and arrested an innocent woman. HE still has a job! This behavior adds to the divide in our country. Who next?  When will this insanity end.

WP Editor has a mind of own, creating a formatting error. It’s Monday!  M


Alex Wubbels is an ER nurse from University Hospital in SLC, Utah who was arrested for following hospital policy and looking out for the rights of her patient.  Let’s get behind her for doing to right thing.


This petition is to raise awareness of the dangers of front line staff in healthcare. Alex was simply following protocol and protecting her patient. She was stuck in a rock and a hard place and protected her patient. It is a situation I’m sure myself and other RNs have found themselves in at some level and at some point in their career.  I can’t speak for what the patient did before they got to me, I will treat them with respect and protect their rights until they give me reason not to (like put me in danger).
 While I am never an advocate for putting someone’s livelihood at risk without due process, I do think Officer Payne needs to have a formal written disciplinary action placed in his permanent file.  If it is found that it has been a trend of similar behaviors during his time on the force, then he should be stripped of his badge.  Additionally, I believe a public apology should be given by him to Alex.
This petition will be delivered to:
  • Utah Governor
  • Senator
    Orrin Hatch
  • SLC Police Chief
    Mike Brown

Teen who says Anthony Weiner sexted her shows her face for first time

The teenager whose online relationship with Anthony Weiner threw Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign into a tailspin is revealing her face for the first time.

In an interview that will air in full on Monday, the teenager told Inside Edition how quickly the messages she exchanged with the disgraced New York congressman turned lurid.

Read: Sydney Leathers Weighs In on Weiner’s Latest Scandal: ‘He’s Quite the Egomaniac’

The girl was 15 when she first contacted Weiner through a direct message on Twitter in January 2016.


+ Dreamtime-header tree

Police say Delaware man raped girl 250 times over 5 years

Delaware police say a man repeatedly raped the same girl 250 times over the course of five years.

41-year-old Richard White Jr. was recently indicted on 11 counts of second-degree rape, four counts of sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child porn.

Police detail that the raping started back in 2012.



Paterno knew about Sandusky’s child sex abuse before 2001: report

What did Joe Paterno know and when did he know it?

According to an explosive new CNN report published Saturday, the legendary ex-Penn State football coach may have known about Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of young boys years before Sandusky’s 2011 arrest.

CNN obtained a Pennslyvania police report that described Paterno’s reaction to whistleblower Mike McQueary showing up in his office in 2001 and telling Paterno that he had witnessed Sandusky engaged in “an extreme sexual act” with a young boy in the football locker room.



Sincerely, X Audio Podcast Episode 8


This week on Sincerely, X, a podcast from TED and Audible where speakers share ideas anonymously. Episode 8 features a woman whose bravery after a devastating assault allowed her to reclaim her own personal power. Available now on Apple Podcasts, the TED Android app, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Yale Offering 19 Online Courses on Coursera

Yale is back in session! Back to School is an exciting time for students and faculty alike. It’s a fresh start and anything seems possible, because it is!

No matter your age, education level, or occupation, you can always keep learning.

Yale currently offers 19 online courses on Coursera giving you the opportunity to study a variety of subjects from distinguished faculty.

Watch a video showcasing our entire course catalog here.

We hope you continue to explore Yale offerings, and join us as we kick off the academic year at Yale.

Yale University


Important Extra Security Measures For Blog

After being hacked in the spring, I talked with WordPress for extra security ideas. The post is short and sweet. I feel good taking the steps which are now good habits.

Log in from WordPress front page http://www.wordpress.com

Enable the two-step authorization, the response with the code needed is lightning quick

Sign out at Avatar/Gravatar in the upper right corner

This will take you to Profile page to sign out

These steps take at most 30 seconds.

In the cyber crime environment, you need safety. If anyone has more info on security, I’m all ears.




Triple Shot Thursday *Great Artist to Jam with*

Enjoy the tune mix up this week. Kathy Perry is so funny in many of her videos, I like this one. She can laugh at herself, she’s cool by me. I am enjoying Harry Stiles voice and sexy boy looks. How did he ever work in a boy band. Shaun Mendes wasn’t on my radar, he can shake it up. You’ll see more of him in the coming months.

Thanks for jamming with me and let’s do this again next Thursday.


Post Traumatic Stress

Patricia is a courageous woman, honest in her writings and allows you into her like. I think she is a wonderful. M

Patricia J Grace

photo by patricia

Unprocessed trauma causes severe and long lasting injury. Trauma commonly goes underground for children sexually abused because no one wants to acknowledge their own shame in committing the acts or for not protecting her from them. A child is critically wounded and no one comes. She’s bleeding and hanging on to life, but you don’t see the blood. She needs help and immediate intervention yet is left stranded and silenced. Yet life goes on. 

An entire piece of her is locked away and behind the chains are all evidence of the child she was or the person she would have become. She does what she can to survive. Her brain deals with the sudden impact of life and death attacks internally. Over and over the mind spins with no relief. Nerve impulses create unhealthy pathways, deep grooves that become repetitive, permanent patterns.

Without intervention the child lives…

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Happy Birthday Daddy 1940-1992

The morning after you killed yourself we went to secure the house. I knew immediately you suffered slowly. Among the papers, trash and clothes I found your lock box. The divorce paperwork to my mother, every card I gave you as a child. I found the pad you were writing on. Your Bible on coffee table, dried tears as you read Job.

The note had 11:30 a.m. written in corner. I could see you called your best friend and the phone number to a suicide line. There were words and a drawing that made no sense. Granny paralyzed, crying, asking why. The house ransacked, not sure anything made sense to her.

Dirty dishes piled high, nothing in refrigerator, how did you live like this, how long? You phoned me several times in the months before your death. Delusional and highly paranoid each time. Someone was tapping your phone, they were trying to get you and the rest I could not understand, you were already gone. As much as I hated you, I cried, begged you not to kill yourself, trying to reason Granny would never be the same. I paid your bills for months. You weren’t in touch with reality.

The outcome will not change if determined. I knew you would take your life and told no-one. I’ve wondered what went through your mind in the hours doodling to writing the note, then killing yourself. I received the call at 10:00 p.m. Gramps said your dad has done away with himself. I called right back to see if you were dead or going to hospital.

The boxes of cassettes were next to your bed, taking months to listen to. You were mentally ill, not under care, no medications. Your temper went 1-10 in seconds, obnoxious, loud, racist, screaming, out of control.

I think of you one day a year.



The Respect Award From Friend Danica Piche

The Respect Award comes to me from Danica Piche at Living The Beautiful Life.   Hugs to you my dear friend. I’m honored.  If you’re not already following her blog, you are missing a slice of the pie. http://www.danicapiche@wordpress.com

respect award round two

What is the Respect Award?

The Respect Award is given by Rob once a year to acknowledge and show respect to fellow bloggers who, in his words, make him a better blogger and make him feel human.  They also:

  • are compassionate, witty, interesting, rebellious, imaginative, patient, open-minded, and creative.
  • are generous with their words and support; they walk their talk.
  • raise spirits and make people smile.

 What are the rules for The Respect Award?

Nominees don’t have to do a thing.  Nothing.

This is a no obligation award, which means you don’t have to nominate anyone.

I’m taking the award at face value of doing nothing.

A Big Texas thank y’all  to everyone who follows, comments, likes, or peaks in my blog.


The Respect Award From Friend Robert Goldstein

The Respect Award comes to me from Robert at Art by Rob Goldstein.  Thank you so much, Robert.  My Blog is Award Free, I accept for the reason of no commitment. This is the second year to receive the award, I’m very grateful. If you’re not already following his blog, please pay him a visit —your world will never be the same.

respect award round two

What is the Respect Award?

The Respect Award is given by Rob once a year to acknowledge and show respect to fellow bloggers who, in his words, make him a better blogger and make him feel human.  They also:

  • are compassionate, witty, interesting, rebellious, imaginative, patient, open-minded, and creative.
  • are generous with their words and support; they walk their talk.
  • raise spirits and make people smile.

 What are the rules for The Respect Award?

Nominees don’t have to do a thing. Nothing.

I plan the do nothing route. Thanks again Robert.

A huge Texas thank y’all to everyone who follows, comments, likes, or drops in for a peak.   Melinda


Triple Shot Thursday * Awesome Mix From Request Line*


This week is a great compilation from the request line. Each song compliments the other so well. I know you want the DJ to play your song, I spin for you. Come on, make my day.

Houston and outlying areas were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The best way you can help is search the list of organizations assembled by Charity Navigator. It’s a list of respected organizations focused on specific relief needed in the areas effected. I give to the Red Cross, they are not government-funded yet often the first responders. On the Charity Navigator list is an animal rescue group on the ground. Every penny counts. Thanks.  M

For Danica

For Gavin

For You


Patricia is brutally honest about her past, she’s written a book but pain isn’t solved by writing. We have to work deep in our soul to understand and reconcile the trauma. Patricia has a beautiful blog and is one great photographer. May sure you stop by to say hello.

Patricia J Grace

There are many shattering losses due to childhood sexual abuse and the lingering ramifications are substantial. One in particular is difficult to talk about, sexual intimacy in a loving relationship. That was stolen from me and I mourn what was lost.

When a child loves and trusts her brother (substitute father, uncle, mother, etc.), the closeness, warmth, and time spent together is not sexual. A hug is benign, just a hug, filled with warmth and love. That’s it. And when she gets older, perhaps adolescence, she might feel a twinge of her sexuality at her first kiss with a boy she likes her own age.

Then she’s a teenager and it’s said the hormones take over, not me. I was scared and frozen when my boyfriend tried to touch me in any sexual way. But this is when one explores happily, both boy and girl enjoying the closeness and exploration.

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Where’s Waldo? Where’s Reblog Button?


Reblogging is a frustrating feeling and one I’ve heard for years. Last week I could not remember how to find post to reblog. Here’s the most simplistic way I know to reblog.  Go back to basic’s. There’s information on WordPress on the process of reblogging if you want to read.

You can write from either Writer page, the key is where you are when publishing. The newer stark white Writer with all tools compact on the right side. I write in this section  often but do not reblog from here. I do cleanup, previews all the processes we go thru.

Then make sure it’s saved and I switch over to old Writer. I hit the back button at top left next to name of blog. Then go down to Admin, click, scroll to post and you arrive at old Writer. The page is laid out vertical with the tools down below post and you scroll thru each process.

After preview and last-minute changes, I save draft, then click publish. once published at the Top Left of Page it reads, Preview Post. Click their, scroll down your post to find  reblog button is there.



Charitable Organization: Men’s Movement 

I’m honored to join the community at Men’s Movement. Being apart of the men’s community, sharing to help others always fills me with sunshine. There is another important aspect to joining the community, expanding my knowledge. I can’t speak for men and how they process mental illness or other trauma. I urge you to check out the site, http://www.mensmovement.com Exciting growth is happening, webcast are in development and a second site is coming together.  M

Men’s Movement Mission Statement

Here at The Men’s Movement Community we are passionate about on-line (and off-line) transformative education, and we promote and sell books, apps and courses in psychology, therapy, and coaching. The products we sell is often within a narrow niche and deals with a highly specific problem and offer a very particular solution. We will present solutions in anger management, neurodiversity, and sexual abuse healing.
Our goal is to bring the most effective tools in personal development out to the general male population, not only as a producer and seller of programs but also as a campaigner for the raising of men’s collective self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-care. We are using the latest technology to deepen our humanity.
Our work centers around men’s personal development, helping you to Step Into Your Power. The Men’s Movement community is about empowering you to live who you are. Your empowering can take many forms depending on where you are in life, what struggles you are in, and where you think you’re going. No matter where that is, we want to be a part of that journey and provide the best support possible.
The Men’s Movement Community is raising all the good examples of people doing fantastic work around issues deeply affecting boys and men, such as sexual abuse, eating, addiction, violence, grief, and relationships, among others. We have only started this work and invite any therapist, coach or instructor working with boys or men to become a member and enrich the community members lives with your work.

It is our dream that this site in a few years will become mainstream, or rather, that the content and information shared here will be common knowledge, something everybody knows. We can pretend that it is the year 2030, and what we would like to see is:

  • That it is perfectly ok for any man, regardless of age to admit he seeks therapy for his depression without being heckled.
  • That it is ok for a man to go down in work time when his children are young.
  • That it is ok for a man to be openly homosexual in any of life’s arenas.
  • That all men have basic knowledge of their medical needs and the most common symptoms relevant to them.
  • That all men have the same rights as women when it comes to custody and family law.
  • That boys can be affectionate and show care towards each other without this behavior is labeled as gay.
  • That every man has the right to express his feelings without being ridiculed.
  • That all men have the basic knowledge of which resources there is in society when it comes to mental health, organizations, help lines, friends, sponsors.
  • That men, in general, feel that they do have someone to talk to about the things that matter most to them.

As we see when we read this list we have som little work to do. Welcome to join the movement, to join our force of societal progression. Help us give tools to all the beautiful men out so that they can find what is inside their hearts and so that they can start giving their gifts.

FAQ Men’s Movement Community

What is the Men’s Movement Community?

The Men’s Movement Community is an online personal development community for men. It’s a gathering place for men and the people who love and support them. We built the community around an online social network with support groups, a blog with guest authors and a course catalogue filled with courses in transformational learning and personal development. We are also creating a database of available resources for men.

What is the aim of The Men’s Movement Community?

We are a safe space for men to share our story and to get support, knowledge, and resources to get on with the journey we are on.  We share around situations like; divorce, custody battles, legal struggle, struggle with mental health, a personal crisis, a career shift, midlife changes or an exploration of one’s story.

In service
David Pilbäck

Founder of the Men’s Movement community


Triple Shot Thursday Historic NFL Half-Time Shows

Hearing the NFL comments behind the scenes is priceless. You can hear the amazement and testament to the professionals they were. Fans of Prince and Michael Jackson already knew their ability to command an audience. I love Coldplay, for me no need for other acts. Coldplay’s performance was spectacular, other acts disrupted my concert. I hope you enjoy the off the beaten trail picks. Thank you for stopping by today. M


35 Year-Old Woman Sexual Assaults a 10 Year-Old Boy

News stories on Adults sexually assaulting children are on the local news weekly. I don’t know how we protect our children from predators traumatizing our children.

MILWAUKEE (WGN) -– A 35-year-old Wisconsin woman is accused of drugging a 10-year-old child’s slushy and sexually assaulting him.

Tara Gotovnik has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child and delivery of a controlled substance.

Photo: Milwaukee County Jail

On August 7, the child’s father told police Gotovnik had assaulted his son, according to a criminal complaint obtained by WITI.

The boy told investigators Gotovnik put sleeping pills in his slushie, causing him to have double vision and slurred speech, the complaint said. He said Gotovnik then took off her clothes and told him to perform a sex act on her, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Genetic Response:Stress Predict Risk Related Brain Function, Psychiatric Disorders

Another interesting post from 23 and Me Blog.

Genetic Differences in the Immediate Transcriptome Response to Stress Predict Risk-Related Brain Function and Psychiatric Disorders


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