Why have I done a video post for Willy Nilly my brother? We talk smack a lot, have similar taste in music and he’s a great guy. If he can’t take the shit he needs to get out kitchen!!!! 🙂 Trust me he can take it and spoon feed it back to you. Willy will not tell me his age, he knows mine, I’m going to kill him kindness to find out. He’s knows exactly what I’m doing. I say he is much younger. I’m a rock star in my head and wanted to see if I hit his music button. I had to prove my music tastes is different for my age group. 51 years old in couple of weeks, 50 doesn’t feel that old, it’s my body that didn’t get the memo. I included a couple from my guitar hero EC. I appreciate anyone who can make a guitar sweetly scream. Enjoy the video’s. After you leave feedback for me be sure and visit Willy Nilly and comment on his musical taste. Have a great Fourth of July celebration. Get ready to jam, turn the speakers up high!!!!!      Warrior


4 Comments on “Rock Out Treat For Willy Nilly From Sister Warrior

  1. You nailed me Sis! I’m almost certain we saw some of the same concerts, same tours at least. I was a good boy. I didn’t partake of the funkadelic fantagasmic and far out sacrement. I didn’t need to. The music and magic in the crowd took me every place I wanted to go. Thank you Warrior. You deserve a 70’s throw back hug >HERE<. OBTW, my ponytail was so long, it reached down to the small of my back. "Farm Out," is what we country boys used to say.


    • My hair never got that long. I spent lots of time picking the right videos, quality sound and good picture. Wasn’t the PF Comfortably Numb great. No lyrics, that I heard but that is exactly how I imagined thier concerts would be. I had so much fun, I’m working on one for the 4th of July. There were interesting ones but the guys from Vietnam got screwed both ways. Don’t want to offend my heroes. I never get tired of EC, Steve Winwood is great in concert. I think they have spent thier careers in the same bands. I LOVE DISCO!!!!!! I loved to dance and that funky music was the best to dance to. I still sing Disco Duck!!!! I decided I’m going to make one for the others. I’ll have to get more intel on the newbies. I bet you like my Tom Jones. She is embarrassed or complemented. I haven’t heard from her and I know she’s seen it, might be the answer. It fit to me, a woman can be a lady, shoot big ass guns, have horse shoe tats and an overall badass. I know she a marshmallow on the inside. Now what she does behind close doors will remain her secret. HAHAHA. 🙂 Farm Out?


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