Words can not express the gratitude in my heart for the men and women who keep America strong and free. I would like to tell every soldier they are not forgotten. Since I’m not about to travel to the middle east, remember you have a loyal supporter in Texas. Lets not forget the wars are not over. Soldiers are fighting at home with burns, amputation, PTSD and many other life altering challenges. Now that you know I carry you in my heart, let’s party. ย  ย Warrior


8 Comments on “That's What We Do We're Americans* Join Warrior, Red Skelton, Oliver North and Ray Charles For the Festivities*

  1. Wanted to stop by and wish you a joyous 4th. I appreciate this post as sometimes I think we forget how lucky we are, thanks to those that serve and defend to keep us free.


    • I hope you have a great holiday. I already respect for the military because of gramps. But 9-11 kick me in the stomach, now I try to make it known. Like Vietnam, the Gov has screwed the guys fighting since then. They just aknoledged PTSD.If these assholes sitting in offices acting like these guys could do three/four tours and not be screwed up is elemantary. About your job, do you have your own practice? kids or adults. I wanted to go that direction when I was in mid 20’s school was the only problem. So I just think I must have been a Rock Star Psych in one of my lives. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I like your thinking, I can see you as a Rock Star Psych! I work in a hospital setting. My job entails helping people get matched up with services that can best serve their needs. It’s often difficult but rewarding.


      • I bet thankless sometimes. I think people working in mentl health have to be very strong. new situaqtions all the time, people are sick and they will let you down, don’t want to but it was impossible at that minute. I know the feeling.


      • Yes at times, but when you can help someone it overrides the bad days. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the rest of your day!


      • That’s why you do the job. It’s in you’re gut. I think I would good, older, My husbad always tells me to go to school. School isn’t for me, then you slam treatment resisent Bipolar. I’ve take one day classes, like the ones you have to take each year but those are pretty easy. It’s a great job, I love both of my doctors. They have seen me almost drive a bridge to highly productive. Take care, go start you’re celebrating. ๐Ÿ™‚


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