Look Who Recieved the Liebster Award**Celebrate Dance to the Music**

I received the Liebster Award by Silver Lining at HopeFulDepression.  It took a minute to pull myself up off the floor. I’m grateful for the nomination. The Liebster Award has a long history in the blogging community. The award is given to blogs with less than 1,000 followers as a way to acknowledge and motivate new blogs. I discovered the word Liebster is of German origin which is perfect since I’m of German origin. Nothing like a mix of German, Neanderthal and American Indian. I’m honored to receive the Liebster Award from a long time follower. Her work is powerful, I urge you to stop by to see for yourself.   http://hopefuldepression.wordpress.com 

How did you come up with name of blog?

I have Treatment Resistant Bipolar Disorder and have spent years in darkness. Looking for the Light could sum up your hopes for relief. 

Has the experience been what you expected?

I’m having so much fun meeting people from across the globe. Shortly after starting my blog, I joined The Cut Throat Club a collaborative group of survivors. We support each other in recovery and offer support to the community. I’m privileged to share my experience of abuse and depression with others. If sharing helps one person, my heart will smile. 

One thing that scares you?

Spiders, snakes and sharks.

One song that makes you the happy?

Beautiful Tonight by EC.

Do you have special talent or play an instrument?

Don’t play any instruments, not for lack of trying. Special talent, can’t think of  any unless the gift of gab fits.

What age did you stop believing in Santa?

I remember it clearly, 5 years old told my mother Santa wasn’t real and I was to old to take naps.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?

I fell in love with St Petersburg, Russia. France is second.

Can you sing?

 Very badly but it doesn’t stop the rock star in my mind. 

Favorite Book and why?

Bible, you learn something new every time you read. 

If you could live anywhere where would it be?

I haven’t traveled the world yet so that’s hard to answer. Probably right here in USA, Home of the Free. 

Have you ever won an award in sports?

 A blue ribbon for a relay race in third grade. 


Eleven Radom Facts about me

1. I’m left-handed yet use my right hand for most task. 

2. I wanted to work as a photojournalist for Life magazine.

3. I collect old camera’s and books.

4. My first job at 10 yrs. old was throwing the newspaper.

5. I’ve been a music lover since four years old, my grandparents bought me a record player.

6. Learned to skate at 4-5 years old. The Lion Sleeps Tonight was “the” song.

7. I am a native Texan.

8. I love to travel and my bucket list is quite long.

9. I’m claustrophobic, it was hard to learn to scuba.

10. When C.B.’s were popular my handle was Teddy bear.

11. I never read instructions. 

 I nominate the following five inspiring blogs.






Rules for accepting the award.

Thank the person who nominated you.

Provide link in post to one who awarded you.

Display badge in announcement post and display in widget.

Answer the questions asked of me.

Share 11 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 5 Blogs worthy of the award. Provide link to blog in post. Blogs must have less than 1000 followers.

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  1. Me and silly wee Willy Nilly were laying out on the beach, Jax Beach, in Jacksonville Florida in 1977 when the song came out. My soon to be first wife was in Arkansas. Wall phone and letters were all we had to hold us together. That song stayed in my head for years. She left after 16 years. Army life wasn’t for her.


    • Whoops! replied on the wrong story. Chicago for the first and congrats on the Liebster. You are every conjugation of the word and there are many, this is just one. Rock on Warrior!


    • Good and Bad. I admit it takes a strong person to live the military life. I fixed the Chicago video. Different song and much better sounding. I got your back on music. Did you ever squeeze in a Disco period? I love disco, I love to dance. Haven’t done that in ages. Just a good head bob. Never forget wall phone with the cords always tangled. So you’re a single man now? Maybe why you have small children. I hope you’re happy whatever the day brings. 🙂 It was hard to call you Dragon. It may take a bit to get used to.


      • I will admit to dancing like a fool to BeeGees and a few others but my heart was always Rock n Roll. Those small kids are grand children. And the dragon is really all about my love of asian culture and the qualities assigned the Black Dragon, the water dragon (I’m from Florida)


      • I was born Rock & Roll,then it was Elvis because my dad loved Elvis. Disco was fun, more interactive, The Hussle, miror ball. I never stopped loving rock but old rock. I don’t get most of what is called rock today. I listen to Sting,U2,EC,John Mayer,Stones all the oldies but never die goodies. I’ll have to find out more about you’re intrest in Asian Culture and the Black Dragon. I thought it might be a military call name. I have a couple of photos I’ll post for you. 🙂


      • Primarily, I identify with the Chinese Black Dragon. There are many colors, each with different attributes. It was more of a spiritual being not like the fire breathers in Western culture.


      • China and Japan are close. You got some extra photo entertainment. I was raw and out of it after ripping my guts out to write the post. I have mixed feelings when you bare your soul. For some reason the abuse of my mother provokes no emotion. Ok,I’ll have to Google the Chinese Dragons to understand more. 🙂


  2. I’m honored Melinda for you even considering my blog worthy of this award… and also for your kind words… I was blogging when people hardly knew what a blog was… At that time I probably would have accepted such an award without a second thought… Now… I don’t think I can… It’s just not “me” anymore… if that makes sense…


    • I don’t understand how it’s not you. Could you give me any more information. I love your post, your honesty and sheer strength is inspiring to me. I would like to share that with the community. I understand if you don’t want to accept award. Could you provide me more info. I don’t want to feel I’ve insulted you. 🙂


      • No Melinda you didn’t insult me at all 😉 and I am honored… I can’t really explain why I feel this way… I just do… it was extremely hard for me to come back to blogging after almost 10 years and well I had lots of ‘fans’ which kind of got too overwhelming …I know I’m much stronger now than I was back then… but still… I don’t know… maybe it’s fear of promoting my blog…


      • I understand. Can I leave your name on the post and you just participate. It gives me the pleasure of honoring you and your work. Your writing is beautiful. I always look forward to your post. I understand fear, I’ve told total strangers about my abuse and it leaves you a bit raw. You have a large family and a difficult illness to manage. I understand now. Maybe we can get over our fears together. 🙂


      • Yes you can leave my name…That’s fine with me… 🙂 and I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable… was never my intention…


      • You didn’t make me uncomfortable. We just don’t know each other well so we needed to talk thru what was on our mind. I’m so glad you will allow me to leave your name on. You are an inspiration and I have no doubt some days are difficult to write. I’m glad you let me take a peek in to your life and the stuggles. Thank you. 🙂


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