From Me To You, You Are Loved

I woke up weeping this morning, the reasons are never known. I sit down to write and start to cry. Unsure of what I need emotionally, my focus turns back to the computer. When a song strikes my heart, instantly I know that is what I need. Today I needed to hear I was loved. Josh Groban fills my soul, maybe he can fill you with love today.     

The song is by Josh Grobin, Don’t Give Up You Are Loved.




  1. Thank you Warrior! A beautiful song about a necessary, yet illusive dream we all are born with. Peace, Sister…


    1. Yes, love can be illusive. So can good health, that’s really what was going on but I wasn’t ready to spell all the yet. I go to Lyme doctor on Tuesday, it’s been a long time since a doctor has made me nervous. It’s a 2 hr. visit, he is thorough. Depending on outcome I’ll go back in 30 days to start IV antibody treatment. I’m already on a gluten free diet and taking probiotics. The 30 days is to build my body up in prep for the mass antibiotics. I’ve been looking at Dragon software tonight in hopes of posting what I can. I have to start a search for someone to stay with me during the day. It’s a pretty nasty virus, boring thru your body. It’s 1-3 years of hell. Chances are I will not be able to take any of my depression meds, maybe not any meds. other than what is needed to fight Lyme. What I’ve read is you throw up a lot so how would the meds say down anyway.I’m ready for an answer just not sure how I feel about this one. Take care. 🙂


  2. I have obviously spent too much time out of the mainstream music world because…Josh Groban is fantastic! I looked up information on his “Find Your Light Foundation”… after I heard this song I had a feeling this was no ordinary musician! He has a very loving look about him too…The waiting is so frustrating…and with the pain…Sending love and positive energy…praying for peace and a calm in the storm of pain….and answers…💛


    1. I’m so glad his new album showed up on my radar. His voice is like Angels, he loves children and he backs up his convictions with his foundation. He’s a geek, yet so nice on the eyes. On his website and prob on utube, he is working with the Marines doing Toys for Tots. It made me laugh and cry. They filmed him shopping for enough toys to fill a crate, it’s hilarious, a kid in the candy store. In the end he talks about how he hopes the kids like the toys and he’s so happy the kids will have toys, I breakdown every time. He is a huge supporter of music in schools and he’s a natural with children. You would never know,probably many of the kids don’t know he’s a star. I like it when these celebrities don’t brag about what they do and just back it up. You should check out his site while waiting. No word today from the bank? I know you must be stressed trying to pull off this miracle. It will work out no matter, if the house is not to be, one day you may learn the reason why. I so happy you have options.Mom & Dad. If you’re just hanging around let me know and I’ll em you offline. 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing that beautiful song. I forget sometimes how much I love Josh Groban’s music. The words brought a lump to my throat. Guess I needed to hear it, too! ❤


    1. Their is something innocent in his voice yet so strong. I’ve turned to music to soothe my soul,during years of abuse music was my only friend. I’m sure that’s why music is so important to me today. It makes us feel so many different emotions. So glad to hear from you, I always enjoy you stopping by. Take care. 🙂


    1. Hi Sue,
      I love Josh Groban, I’ve even learned to like the songs in another language. He’s not to bad on the eyes either. I may be 50 but not dead yet. No I have not heard of the group. I’ll check them out. I do know why I’m so emotional, just haven’t talked much about on my blog. I suffer from Chronic pain and next week I see a Lyme doctor. It’s a pretty overwhelming diagnosis. I have 99% of symptoms. Just a bit nervous but looking forward to an answer. Thanks. 🙂


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