5-year-old with Terminal Cancer Just Wants Some Mail. Let’s Overflow his P.O. box…

Let’s make this young boy’s birthday extra special. I believe miracles can happen. Warrior

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Danny Nickerson is 5 years old, but not for long. He’s very excited to become a big 6-year-old this Friday. As happy as this birthday will be, however, it will be hard, too.


Danny has a virtually unbeatable cancer. Doctors have told his family that less than 10 percent of kids diagnosed with his type live longer than 18 months.

So the upcoming celebration will be an emotional day filled with far more highs and lows than a typical 6-year-old’s birthday. And what is he hoping to get for this extraordinary birthday?


He loves getting mail.

His mom says,

“He can recognize his name now. When he saw his name on the package from magical fairies on Easter, he was so happy.”

Since Easter, though, packages have slowed down. But now, for his birthday, it’s time to make sure he gets all the cards he could possibly want to read.

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