Throwback Thursday with Warrior is Brain Fart Friday This Week :)

I have lost it or something is up with computer. Trying to paste two videos has taken over an hour and still not working. I hate to work on my husbands Windows machine but you are worth it. If for any reason not completed today, come back tomorrow for Brain Fart Friday. Close you eyes and think about a young band called The Rolling Stones. They are on stage now jamming to Can’t Get No Satisfaction for your entertainment.  Thanks. 





Categories: Survivor


    • Well I’m still in brain fart land or stoned. No I know it’s not stoned. I can’t get any videos to cut and paste. I’ve found some good old ones. I’ll get it done, when, Brain Fart Friday since it’s now 12:10 A


      • I was there. I played through several times. I thought I did comment….hmmmmm. I don’t know what happened.


      • In 1974 I lived in an apartment complex full of Filipino nurses going to the University medical center across the street. I was 19, had hair to the center of my back and was the only male in those 20 apartments. When ever I came out to the pool the girls would form a ring around me and I would teach them how to curse in English in a slow Southern drawl. After a while they learned that, “Eff you” with a smile was my favorite greeting of the day. I can still hear their sweet voices telling me, “Eff you,” and waving at me from the pool. By the time I left, I had expert medical care from nurses that could curse like a sailor and make you love it.


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