Brain Fart Friday: Warrior Eats Crow With Aerosmith & Rolling Stones

You know you’re getting old when you have no clue what day it is. We’re having Throwback Thursday!

I can’t give you Satisfaction by the Stones, think you’ll like my choice. Windows is foreign after all these years. You’re worth every word I said while working on post. I was born with a Rock Star in my head, better than marbles. I fell in love with Train Kept a Rollin’ at 12 years old. I would lay on the couch watching The Midnight Special letting the music soak in. Music is a trusted friend who always knows how to please. The Stones are older than dirt, Mick still dances badly and Keith has zero brain cells left. I saw The Rolling Stones at Wembley Stadium in 1990. It was a trip, 70,000 people single file, no assigned seats and calming walked in. As they started playing this song I was making my way to front stage. The crowd parted, passing me a joint like the old days. A great memory for the concert memory bank. I would love to hear your favorite concert memories. Watching the video brings back good memories with my friend Jackie. Both bands that stand the test of time. Now kick back, close your eye’s and remember the first time you heard the songs. 




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  1. I’mmmmmmm Baaaack 🙂 Mick does have a lot of energy for an old dude. I saw the Stones in Memphis. They sucked so bad we left after three songs. His studio music is still a favorite though.


    • 🙂 Actually I’m not a very musical person. It’s hard to explain. Music sometimes takes my space… I know it sounds strange but I can’t listen to music every time, I need this special mood to listen to music :). And many times, my special mood drives me to Pink Floyd’s album The Final Cut. Do you know it?

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