• Hi my dear friend
      Hope your have much to be thankful for this holiday. I’m alive with a supportive husband, that’s worth a million thanks to me.
      I must be hitting close to 100% on our music taste. Does that say something about us or our age? Or both?
      Have a great day.
      I’ll need you to brainstorm some ideas on guest blogs but that can wait for now. Today is for family and friends.
      Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • My favorite twin and best Twin P
      I hope you are more rested today, not stressing over turkey legs or out of control kids. Let them suit up if not to cold, go play in back yard while you enjoy a glass of wine in your parka supervising the fun.
      I’m a little better today, the edema is starting to let up in a few places which means less pain. Looking for something to eat and hope to do a special post for my husband but I think the tree is his priority. I’ll try to keep him focused on football. Not soccer, American football.
      I have you to be very thankful for and you mean so much to me. Take it easy so we can see each other soon.
      Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚
      Sentimental Twin M


      • My Favorite Twin!!
        I hope you found something to eat!
        Here everything went perfectly. The turkey wasn’t dry and the pasta (yes, I prepare pasta to go with it), was delicious.
        I’m glad you are feeling better ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • The meal looked great. The turkey breast David smoked was very tender, I just grabbed a bowl and ate only turkey. Even though earlier in the day I really thought I would go vegan. I eat very little meat but don’t think it would be missed. A hamburger would test my strength. I would still eat fish and eggs so not sure that’s vegan. Even though everything we buy is free range with no antibiotics, with as sick as I am, it does make me wonder if meat can add to the inflammation in my body. I’m already Gluten Free. That was an easy transition except for bread. Haven’t found a decent bread yet. I’m thankful our grocery store has a large selection of gluten free food. So much for my little soap box.
        Take care. Sending hugs

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      • Dear Twin M,
        Eating, as simple as it should be, has become a real challenge these days. If we think what we eat, we probably feel disgusted. That was the main reason why I stopped eating meat. I just couldn’t bite on the idea :). The taste started to bother me too and the sensation in my mouth. (Another issue :D).
        Bread is my favorite food and I’m not sure it’s easy to find a gluten free version that tastes good. Maybe a corn bread? But then there is the chance that lots of fat is in it…
        I’m glad you have a wide selection of food available. I wonder how that is for people with food allergies here. I think that they go shopping to bigger towns.
        You too take care (a lot of care!!)
        Twin P

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