Throw Back Thursday Triple Shot of U2 * Meaningful words will touch your heart *

I’m a huge U2 fan, Joshua Tree my first album.  The words caught my attention and who couldn’t notice the Irish accents. I watched interviews, learning they were childhood friends and belonged to choir in school. Money can change the core beliefs of people. I don’t feel U2 has strayed from their original beliefs. I was the kid who always played the B side of every single and albums, finding gems with an open mind. These three songs have more than surface meaning to me. I hope you will put aside any ideas you have of what U2 are as a band, let your mind hear the words. The music is world music.

Grab the headphone, kick off the shoes and clear your head. Be ready to see another side of U2.  XO Warrior

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    • U2 Lover Twin P
      I love that song!!!!!! There aren’t many songs I don’t like. I’m very concerned about Bono. His cycle accident required several surgeries and info on how bad the damage to his eye is limited. The last I heard the accident was worse than initially thought. No doubt he was happy the concert on Aids Day made him happy. He has committed himself to elemititating Aids and he walks the talk.
      Have an awesome day!
      Sleepy Twin M

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      • News Free Twin P
        Did you get the photos of your kids and mine last evening? I was playing with the fun kilidascope function. Bono had a terrible bicycle accident in Central Park. He broken his humerus bone, shattered his elbow, and damaged the pinky finger, all requiring surgery and metal rods and pins. He injured his back, doctors decided to no operate due to back problems from falling off stage a few years back. I forgot to mention, damaging the orbital bone. I read tonight he is not allowed to move for several months to allow healing. Therapist are coming in to perform therapy on legs and arms. He was wearing a helmet thank goodness.
        We have a motion detector in back yard, I’ve watched a bunny go back and forth patio setting it off. The other morning, the dogs darted out before David and started chasing the bunny, it fell in pool so David had to get out with the net. He said it was swimming for dear life. I’ve had an allergic reactions to a new med and broken out in rash. I managed two hours of sleep before scratching woke me up.
        Have a great day. Look forward to reading the daily antics in 100 today!
        Sleep Itchy Twin M

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      • Hola Twin!
        I had a horrible HORRIBLE morning. I’m trying to write now and soon I’ll check the email. Nothing is going as planned 🙂
        I’m sorry about the reaction. I hope it gets better soon.
        I’ll look at the pictures soon and answer you 🙂
        Hugs (and go to sleep!!)


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