Throw Back Thursday *Dedicated to my Twin P*

Dearest Twin P

You are the best twin sister I’ve never met. We have lots of good times in our future knocking out our Bucket List.  

I’m so happy you’ve met a man who knows how to treat a women. Take your time, fall in like first. if you see a future and have done all the homework possible, allow yourself to see where it goes.You deserve a man to hold you at end of day. When you find the right man, the kids will let you know. You need a strong man who can love your children as his. A gentleman to teach the boys how to act towards their mother and all women. Most importantly show them love by doing things together, boys seem to learn better when they don’t know their learning. 

I thought the first video was hilarious. The Bryan Adams song is an old favorite of mine. I hear the words of deep love, forever love. I hear them whispered in my ear.

Just a loving word of advice in your new relationship. You are not in charge of everything, don’t make all decisions and remember staying up late to surf is not worth missing snuggle time..   XO Warrior

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  1. M. Were you not supposed to tell us that Sister P has a man? When do we find out if he has a tractor? 🙂 Love the songs!


  2. THANK YOU TWIN!!! You are amazing! What a beautiful way to start my day!
    I was laughing like crazy while reading because I’m trying to keep the secret! (For now at least!!) 😀 . I hope soon I can link this post 😀
    I LOVE both songs. I never had heard the first one before. But hey, that lady knows what she’s talking about!!
    And Bryan’s song, wow!! I love that song too. So true 🙂
    Excellent choices like always!! You never disappoint Twin!! And today you just topped yourself!
    I love you!
    Twin P

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    • You can tell people I’ve been on heavy drugs and must be confused. That will buy some time. I think my name of next blog will be music machine! I had several beautiful Spanish Flamingo love songs but I didn’t know one word. I grew up listening to Flamingo music, my mother drove me crazy. I like Sexy Gypsy music, fell in love with in Russia.
      Twin M

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