Did you hug your loved ones today?

Cat naps on the job

Truffles napping on office desk

I  heard you meowing today, musical call over 15 years.

You didn’t ask for much, a snack, hug and beloved kitty crack.

When cold you crawled under covers, feeling like a heating pad

Our cherished time, laying in floor holding hands until you feel asleep.

I was sick and you’d give me extra cuddle’s.

I heard you meow today, saying it was time to go.

I heard you meow today, snuggling you licked the tears flowing down face.

When you hear me cry, know you’re always in my heart and on mind.

XO Warrior

Truffles 1999-2015

Truffles CloseUp-1

Categories: Moving Forward


    • Thank you I sure needed a big hug. I’m crying.It hurts less with time.
      I apologize if I got to bossy with what you needed to do about the man. I don’t want you hurt and me not be there to hug you. Those tears take longer to get over. After thinking about conversation just felt like an ass, you’re a grown woman, close to my age. Being bossy is a negative trait of mine, it’s not that I feel smarter it’s just my High A personality. Hope you have a great day. David bought a Rumba robot that will clean all the different types of floors we have. If it can get half of the dog slobber off the kitchen floor I would be thrilled.Now get maid coming every 2 wks that will help a lot. He’s very busy
      at work. I’ve fallen 3 times in two days, not a good sign. Paperwork completely hopefully get on schedule soon.
      Light a candle in Mass today.

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      • How could I be mad at you Twin!! What you said, came from your heart and you said it because you care <3!
        I'm sorry you are sad. As you said, it'll get better with time.
        I hope the little robot does its job 🙂
        I'll light a candle at home, I don't feel like leaving the bedroom today 🙂
        Good that the paperwork is ready!
        More hugs! ❤

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      • Hahahahahaha I always dreamed that one of my butlers would be called Percival 😀
        What do you think?

        Here’s the meaning:
        Percival p(e)-rci-val, per-cival as a boy’s name is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Percival is “pierce the vale”. Invented by a medieval poet in the 12th century for one of King Arthur’s knights. His virtue was so great that he alone could retrieve the elusive Holy Grail, the chalice from Christ’s Last Supper. Wagner’s opera Parsifal is based on this knight’s tale.

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      • Ok we now have officially name Mr Robot Percival. Perfect name. I love all the history and stories. I’ll have to take a photo of Percival while bright and shiny. You can frame and be pretend Prince until real one comes.
        I forgot to ask what did she think of the furry friend photo?

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      • It’s in a frame by her bed!! I probably forgot to tell you 🙂
        She was really happy when I told her it was for her! She likes squirrels 🙂
        And please, send Percival’s picture! If you have a bow tie, make him wear it 😀

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