Bucket List Friday * Hot Air Balloon Ride Mishap *

Jackie&Me Balloon Ride

Celebrating after Balloon Ride


I like Bucket List Friday, it jacks me up for the weekend. I can’t recall a time when adventure was not on my mind. Many years there wasn’t a dime to spare but dreaming was fun. I’m the thrill seeker who would travel half way around the world to bungee jump off the highest bridge. The ultimate scare you to death experience now marked off after two serious car wreaks. This my friend Jackie (curly hair) who lives in England. Our birthdays are close together and we enjoyed celebrating together. Jackie is a ski instructor back home, we spent a Christmas in Breckenridge, CO. Everyone was skiing, her kid didn’t use poles, she did Black Trails, they were having a blast. I fell getting off lift every time eating snow. Back to balloon adventure. We live in a large city with large cities around us, we lift off heading for the cow pastures in the distance. The sunset slowly went down giving a beautiful light display. We were landing and the wind picked up, turbulence is all. Before I know it we hit a tree and bounce up and over to another tree. I wasn’t scared of crashing, my interest was cow patties and cold champagne waiting.  The mishap added to the adventure. You will find Ballooning in French country side on my list.

I would love to hear what you have on your Bucket List. Have a great weekend.  XO  Warrior


  1. Love this..such a great story and picture. I keep telling my family to gift me balloon ride when they run out of ideas for b’day, Christmas, etc. No one takes me seriously. Will have to do it for myself. Van ☺

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    1. Van
      In my previous marriage we were blessed with extra spending money. We traveled and every year on my birthday asked me what adventure I wanted. It is a time a cherish, adventure is my middle name. Next week it’s either scuba or parachuting.
      Take the lead and start living the list, life gets shorter everyday.
      Have a great weekend.

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  2. Dear Twin!!
    I still owe you my Bucket List… I promise it’ll come soon (as soon as my brain is back from the holiday).
    I love the hot air balloon ride but I’m a bit scared of highs and flying… so probably I’ll enjoy the nice pictures you’ll take 🙂
    A big hug
    Twin P

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    1. Twin P
      The Bucket List is for you, not me. It’s giving yourself the ability to dream of where if you could. What if you could. If you’re rushing around trying to create one. The Bucket list is what burns in your sense of adventure to do. Maybe it’s spending a year in a far corner of the world doing mission work. Not, no internet there. You write when you want and if you want.
      I’m wearing my scarf, it is really comfy.
      Twin M

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      1. Twin M,
        Nice that you are wearing your scarf! Is it cold there?
        I have to work on the Bucket List, I want to do it… I just need the head in the right place 😀
        And this weekend doesn’t look like the perfect one for that! 🙂


  3. I have a number of things on my list, one is to ride the Pacific Coast Highway on motorcycle,
    the other to return to Europe and Munich. thank you for the very interesting article.

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    1. I love riding motorcycles, best way to destress. The PCH would make an awesome trip. When you say return to Europe and Munich, are you from that area or love to travel there? My early ancestors came over from Germany, from the wine country area, I want to see the ground they walked on.
      Thanks for sharing your comments, it’s the greatest way to get a smile and maybe a new friend.
      Have a great day.


      1. I lived in the Rhineland for two years, I have a friend in Munich I would like to visit. I am American, I live in Florida. I hope you get to Germany, it is beautiful.

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