Special thanks to One Among Many for The Versatile Blogger Award

I want to give a big thanks to Blogger One Among Many for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. I appreciate how you stop by often and leave comments. What makes your Blog interesting is your free form style and open conversation about just about everything. I urge everyone to visit https://oneamongmany.wordpress.com.

7 Things About Me

In my high school street racing days, I stood between cars to start race.

I raced our 76′ Camaro SS at Green Valley Raceway. My husband normally drove 13’s in quarter-mile. I drove 14’s even with mistake of throwing into neutral. Racing gets me high, high, high!  This is correct model yet not a racing car. Our car had no back or passenger seat. Super Hulk under the hood.

Driving in a NASCAR race is the pinnacle for me. I would wear my depends, you never know.

I love books, sometimes it’s nice to touch pages instead of a keyboard.

Once I am well, I plan to minister to sick/dying children, elderly and the homeless. I now know why I survived.

I love birds of prey. A Red Tail Hawk family stops by daily for a drink and bath. Highlight of my day.

I’m excited about starting The Pud’n Cup Charity. My gramps called me “Pud” all my life

Awards are time-consuming yet your Blogs are special and I want to let you know. I want the WP family to meet you and enjoy your site as much as I do. The nominations for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It will not hurt my feelings on how you choose to bend the rules.

Putting My Feet In The Dirt   http://puttingmyfeetinthe.com

Better Not Broken   http://betternotbroken.com

Van By The River   http://vanbytheruver.wordpress.com

Bipolar for Life   http://bipolarforlife.me

Noir      http://sedge808.com

DDDangerous.com      http://dddangerous.com

Adoption   http://caseyalexanderblog.wordpress.co


Thank the person who nominated you.

Display Badge on site.

Tell us 7 things about yourself.

Nominate 7-10 Blogs

SMILE REAL BIG! Each of you have inspired, educated and entertained me, Thank you. Have fun passing the award along to your inspiration.

XO Warrior

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I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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