Throw Back Thursday *Cowboy Hats, Line Dancing and Boot Scooting*

Born to Ride the Range


A special Country Edition for your listening pleasure. If you were not around when these were top of the charts, you may want to learn to line dance. You pump it up, have plenty of colds ones, don’t drink and drive, and let loose. It’s different if you don’t own boots. If this “old” country isn’t your style turn up some Luke Bryan.

For the more mature listener, the songs may bring back good memories or a few bar fights. Since bar fights aren’t attractive at our age, let’s throw down in second gear. Maybe have the neighbors over for burgers and a cold one. After dinner, clear the picnic table and hit the dance floor. The kids are laughing, mocking  you and music. You’re thinking about all those great nights dancing.     XO Warrior

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  1. Yeeeeeh..Haaaaa ! Memories. I learned to appreciate country artists when living in Utah; was dragged kicking and screaming to it at first (rocker from the Northeast), but I learned. Love your pic…had one for my kids ! ☺ Van

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    • Hi Van
      I had a feeling people older than 40 had at least one country period. I had so much fun listening and putting together the best three. I love to dance so I’ll try most.
      i think Alan Jackson is a true gentleman and very nice on the eyes.
      Glad you like. Have a great day.
      I’m still recovering from my trip to DC. I’m laying around napping. The doctor says this is my new life. 😦
      Have a great day

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      • The Cherry Blossom Festival was two weeks ago or close. I was there to meet a new Lyme doctor. So glad I did, health worst than expected. He is a leading doctor in the Lyme/Infectious disease area. It was all bad news but you have know so you can move forward. I only saw Reagan National, hotel, doctors office and lots of beauty back to Reagan. I walk with a cane and the small amount of walking I did was rough. I’m still on couch barely moving. Airports are hell and I’m to stubborn to use a wheel chair. When I’m better I’m writing a post about the trip and advanced state of my Lyme.
        Have a great evening. 🙂

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      • Sorry, M., that was hardly a pleasure trip. On the other hand, if you were fortunate to hook up with an expert…I once read that Lyme can have full symptoms for years; wondering when you got the diagnosis ?
        p.s. Airports are hell, and so is walking when in pain. Swallow that pride and use the wheel chair !! Hugs to you. Van

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      • No worries about the drop in the lap. I am sincerely curious, and so sorry for what such a small creature can do to a human being. I’ve heard that it often goes undiagnosed, or confused with other issues. Seems like you found it on your own. BTW, you surely do not write like someone who is losing mental ability. Warrior on, M. Hugs to you on this painful journey. Know that you have support here in the blogosphere, and your words may be helping so many, whether they write to you about it or not. The silent suffering. 💕 Van

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      • Van
        Thanks for the kinds words. It’s crazy a lymph tick the size of rice can kick you ass. There are many people on WP with Lyme that went 10-15 years until correct diagnosis. The symptoms are like many others, such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue even MS. My on WP write how the went years thinking something else was wrong. A big part of the problem is politics. As always, politics are involved. The CDC states there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme. Finding a Lyme doctor is work because it’s a witch hunt. Just a month ago a different tick was found to carry Lyme. When you get Lyme you get co-infections. When the tick takes a drink from you, other virus’s are transferred. Technically I have three tick borne illnesses, they lump together because you wouldn’t get the others without Lyme. There is a wealth of knowledge on YouTube. My doctor has short movie on there. I forget the name, it’s good because he and patients talk about the journey to get well.
        I play down how sick I am so I can stay focused on staying positive and not thinking about what if’s. I figure if God has helped with previous bumps, he’ll help now. When I’m well I’ll be a better person.

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  2. Back when I didn’t hate country music! Except for Billy Ray. Never liked Billy Ray. I was 15, we had an all ages country dance night at one of the local bars that my first serious girlfriend and I would go to. To this day the only dance I could ever do was the country swing. (Only the ladies did the line dancing, or risked ridicule here.) Good memories, great post!

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    • Hi friend
      You’re right not many men went for the line dance. It was more a way for the girls to shake what they had. I wasn’t ever crazy about Billy Ray but thought it would be so funny for this. He’s a real throwback. I’ve gone in and out of love with country, today’s country doesn’t sound country. More jamming guitars than twang. It’s nice to enjoy an old memory.
      Have a great evening.

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