Bucket List Friday *No Place Like New Orleans*

New Orleans is one of a kind, it grabs you and begs for your return. It rained most of my trip which cooled the raging heat.




New Orleans



New Orleans Will Rise Again





  1. Love these photos, M., you have quite an eye. Shots taken on a rainy, cloudy day have a beauty and texture that is so rich, not washed out in sunlight. Never have been to New Orleans..might do so soon. ☺ Van

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  2. yesss! 🙂 while in Houston, TX for 5 years, we went to NO several times with all our European visitors… there’s even a Toulouse street, in the French quarter, of course! 🙂
    have a serene weekend and vive la Nouvelle Orléans! 🙂
    * * *
    P.S. you may know that Napoléon Bonaparte sold Louisiana to the USofA for less than 30 000 US$!!! 😀

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