Happy Mother's Day Granny, your faith and unconditional love saved me

I have wonderful memories of my granny, she is the reason I am alive and drug free. She did everything to make sure I had a better life than her. My grandfather was a year from retirement when I moved in. My grandmother started cleaning commercial houses to buy my clothes. She didn’t want me to wear uncool clothes. Granny scrapped paint off windows in new homes, causing Carpel Tunnel in both hands. In 1981 she fell off a ladder from the second floor, crushing the bones in both feet and ankles. 

Just a few memories:

*I had a little two-step foot stool, allowing me see what she was doing. 

* She washed dishes and I dried, we would talk about everything.

* Learning how to do laundry my red sunglasses feel in, I thought the machine would break. 

*She taught me to hand was clothes at 9 years old. 

*She grew Bougainvillea, they were huge. She was so proud of them. 

*I came over while she recuperated from fall. I opened the drapes and blinds in the room. The next day she ask gramps to open the blinds. He didn’t do it like I did, she got out of bed, climbed in a chair and tried the pull drapes off wall.  

*There were 4-5 formal functions at school each year. We would go to outlets year round to find dresses for $10-$15, there a big high-five when we found one.  

*I went thru inspection before leaving home, can you see thru my dress or blouse and too much make up?

*I was only allowed to drive my car to certain places, no cruising Sonic for me.

*Granny knew I drank, on weekends when on meds, she would whisper not to take my meds on weekend. 

*The smile on her face as we acted like her wheelchair was a sports car.

*When Dementia increased her frustration, she would hit herself in head. I made a little photo book with mostly photos of her, gramps and her beloved dog. I learn to recognize her anxiety increasing, I would get the photo book out and she relaxed. 

Granny was a stubborn hard-working old fashion wife. She hid money, Gramps never knew until her death. I knew her hiding places. We rounded up several hundred dollars. 

Granny taught me from her example, an example I saw my entire life. She gave me everything needed to tackle life. It warms my heart to know she was in love with gramps, she always reached for him. 

XO  Melinda



    1. Hi friend
      I’m so glad you liked the post. I love my grandparents so much. They sacrificed so much for me, must important is learning unconditional love and the strict rules taught me responsibility.
      The trip was an eye opener, worst than thought may take 5 years to heal. The good news is I have a leading Lyme doctor handling my health. We will go to DC every 4-6 weeks. I can’t pretend everything is cool, the only choice I have is work hard accepting or ignore and die. I’m in favor of living many more years.
      I hope you are doing great.

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    1. D
      Thank you. I am capable of different levels of love. I tried to read ahead to chapter 3 but my eyes are freaking. I’ve been telling David there was a problem with my eyes.The Lyme doctor talked about any eye issues, she checked my eyes and confirmed she saw something and my pupils didn’t react properly. I have done any research on what type of eye problems. She wants me to go asap to eye doctor for a retinal scan. Today My eyes are so sensitive light is making me squint, need sunglasses in the house. Makes it near impossible to read. Lyme’s a BITCH. Tomorrow I’ll work in my office and complete reading at your site.
      Did you have a good weekend?
      I corrected the About Me profile to a shorter one, I haven’t checked yet. I’m having a much larger issue, large since it’s hard for me to understand. If I can’t work it out, I’ll see if you can help. Time for a nap.

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        1. T P
          Mine is pretty crazy, Lyme has caused some damage to my eyes and light bothers me. I feel like sunglasses are needed in door. I just thought of away to temp cover back door. I gave myself a break today, tomorrow it’s scheduling several test on my eyes and approx. 30 tubes of blood. She is also doing DNA test, I’ve already had DNA tested and I have two mutations. I don’t think they are a problem. I have about two weeks worth of phone calls, I expect an issue from our insurance company. The doctor doesn’t want me to be here by myself. A caregiver can make sure I take my meds, drink enough water and don’t skip meals. It will reach the need for Home Health soon. I’ve lost so much cognitive function, it quite sad. The infusion treatments are not covered by insurance it cost approx.. $40,000 for nine months. We are blessed to have money, money we hoped to have for retirement. But no calls today.
          I’ll read your post later and see what you and the kids are up to.
          T M

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          1. T P
            We’ll pay much more than $40,000, I would rather insurance cover part or all. They have been good in past but Lyme is so controversial.
            I will also have surgery in D.C., the next day my doctor makes sure that we all mostly David knows how to keep infusion sterile and all the steps of mixing the drugs.
            I have a phone consult to see if the meds are helping. If so she will schedule surgery.
            People who don’t have insurance it’s a tough road. Some will not take all meds or they end up with no money and lose their houses. Very sad. This illness is a bitch.
            T M

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    1. God gave me two angels, I never forget what he did for me or all my grandparents sacrificed to straighten me out and make me the person I am. I was totally out of control, drugs, you name it. They didn’t know about my sexual abuse. All I wanted was to die. I had so much respect for them, I got my act together fast. We had so much fun. I took care of both as they were dying, I would not trade the precious hours we had. I learned more about myself in that 10 years then in my whole life. I was blessed to give them unconditional love in the hardest times.
      I hope you have a great day. It’s storming here, we need an ark.
      I have an award for you, requires very little work. This award is given and you don’t have to do the short write up unless you want. It’s a free and clear award. Just grab it. Hope to have post out today.

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