Danica Piche Honored Me with Encouraging Lightening Award


Be jubilant, Be jubilant, O my soul, For thou art alive to the whole

Danica Piche of Living a Beautiful Life surprised me with the Encouraging Thunder Award. What I know: Danica has a great outlook on life and love music. She writes short stories and snippets of her life adventures. Visiting her site always makes me feel good, she has an infectious smile. She is living a beautiful life. Please check Danica’s site, danicapeche.wp.com .

Why I write

Three people who should have protected and loved me, abused me instead. I’ve been a drug addict, alcoholic and down on the curb. I survived and learned to thrive. I started the blog to talk about my experiences. Hoping to rid myself of the scars & shame of abuse. As I talked to bloggers it was clear many struggled with mental illness. I have Treatment Resistant Bipolar Disorder, diagnosed at 19 years old. I knew how mental illness had knocked me down and the consequences. As people left comments, I became encouraged to share more about my mental illness and help anyone who would take my hand.

I started writing journals as a pre-teen, started a newspaper ( The Tumble Weed Connection) for the private school (jail) I attended. I wrote for High School newspaper and City of Irving covering Sports. Writing and music took me away from my problems. I blog sharing my thoughts openly. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments. A special thank you to my followers.  XO  M 

 Rules for this award:

Post it on your blog.
Grant other bloggers the award.

What you cannot do:

Abuse or misuse the logo.
Claim that it is your own handmade logo.

What you should do after receiving the Encouraging Thunder Award:

Enjoy the award!
At least give thanks via comments, likes and/or mentioning the blog that you received the award from.
Mention your purpose in blogging.

I’m honored to pass the baton forward to 

Sunflower Solace Farm sunflowersolacefarm.com

Better Not Broken  betternotbroken.com

The Starting End      poemsforherlife.wp.com

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