Throw Back Thursday *Great Day For Musical Tour thru Tim

I traveled to D.C. to meet a new Lyme doctor. He is a leading expert, one of the few who practice. The news was worst than expected. The good news is an expert is managing my health. I’ve had mood swings while digesting the tough road ahead. It’s the perfect week for a mix. I love the songs and hope you do to. Grab your drink of choice, light soothing candle and relax. I bet you will grin at the memories.  XO Warrior

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  1. Another great selection M! I’ve always been fascinated with Carly Simons mouth when she sings. Don’t ask me why, it’s just unique. And ole Frankie. I can tell you precisely where I was in 1963 – Third grade 🙂 And I really like the, The Shape of My heart.

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    • It felt like a strange combo but then remembered music is music and some will like. Watch some early Carly video’s and one’s where her and James sang together. Mocking video is great. I know where I was in 1963, being born.


    • Hi friend
      I’ve asked the same question, time and space can take a toll. I’m so excited to hear her, I’ve found an oldie “Mockingbird” and they were for sure early in marriage and in love. I may have use the video soon.
      Have a great day.

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    • H
      So glad to hear from you. Hope things are rising high for you. I love Carly, Anticipation is a great song and the story of my life. We all have our trials, we keep pushing forward.
      Take care and hope to see you soon.


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