TED Talks Nadine Burke Harris *How Childhood Trauma effects Health*

“The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. Happiness is the goal of every other goal”

Deepak Chopra

Nadine Burke Harris gives a dynamic Ted Talk on How Childhood Trauma effects health across a lifetime. Her talk reinforces what many have thought for years.  XO  W

Ted.com offeres 1900+ talks to stir your mind. 


    1. I scored 9. I cried for all the other children suffering the same or similar fate. I survived, many will not. I question the so called children programs when the basics aren’t met. A child like me would not give a shit about planting a garden. I went home and got beat everyday and watched my mother get beat everyday. I’m let down by our superficial government. It’s not a party line, it’s everyone with the voting ability to change lives. So out of touch. They question why people are falling thru the cracks. The same reason the New Healthcare Plan isn’t working.
      Soap box time. Apologize. I’ve sleep all day so it spewed out.

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          1. I have reason to hope.

            It’s a daily struggle and often it looks as if those of us who think there is more to life than points, appearance and endless consumerism are the ones who are out of touch. When it all seems so hopeless…

            That’s when the wonder begins…:)

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